I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hell was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:8


Denial and Its Discontents

[This article currently appears in New English Review]

Our Commander in Chief’s immediate response to the jihadist massacre at Fort Hood was “we don’t know all the answers yet and I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts.” What facts remain to be gathered? The traitor, betrayer, Muslim, jihadist killer Major Nidal Malik Hasan shouted “Allah Akbar” (additional sources here, and here) as he gunned down his fellow American soldiers. There is nothing else that we need to know.

Mr. Hasan (“Major” is an official title that Hasan no longer merits) is a murderer, a traitor, a coward; he is also a devout Muslim. He is an adherent of the “religion of peace” whose deity and prophet both command him to fight the non-believers, strike terror into them, and kill them if they do not submit to Islam.
O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and be hard against them; and their abode is hell; and evil is the resort. Koran, 66:9
And if any believe not in Allah and His Messenger, We have prepared, for those who reject Allah, a Blazing Fire! Koran, 48:13
O ye who believe! if ye obey those who disbelieve, they will make you turn back on your heels, and ye turn back as losers. Koran, 3:149
O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust. Koran, 5:51
“Fighting in Allah’s cause” (jihad) is mentioned over 100 times in the Koran. This is the central core of the doctrine of Islam – jihad against the unbeliever.
Ye should believe in Allah and His messenger, and should strive for the cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives. That is better for you, if ye did but know. Koran, 61:11
Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who reject Faith Fight in the cause of Evil: So fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan. Koran, 4:76
Mr. Hasan undoubtedly thought that had he been killed, he would have gone directly to Islamic heaven for killing kafirs and terrorizing the survivors, witnesses, and the entire kafir country to which he had pledged an oath of service. In Islamic doctrine, jihad against the unbeliever is both an obligation and the highest form of devotion to Allah and Mohammed; there is no more devout adherent of the ideology of Islam than the jihadist.
Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) Hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward. Koran, 4:95
You will find others who desire that they should be safe from you and secure from their own people; as often as they are sent back to the mischief they get thrown into it headlong; therefore if they do not withdraw from you, and (do not) offer you peace and restrain their hands, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them; and against these We have given you a clear authority. Koran, 4:91
Our mass media, our political and military leaders all pretend that this is not so; that Hasan is another “misunderstander,” another “hijacker” of the “religion of peace.” This is a lie.
There is even the suggestion commonly made now that Mr. Hasan himself was a victim, someone with “problems” as if this could in some way be an explanation or excuse for his Allah-Akbar-jihad-killings at Fort Hood. Such intellectually dishonest “explanations” remove all Islamic linkages to Hasan’s crimes, substituting for his own “Allah Akbar” motive, the more culturally sensitive, politically correct “he-had-some-personal-issues” nonsense.
FORT HOOD, Texas — In the wake of the mass shooting here last week, the U.S. Army announced today that it will look into better ways to identify soldiers showing signs of instability or personal problems.
The announcement came amid increasing reports that friends, relatives and associates of Maj. Nadal Malik Hasan said he showed signs of problems lately, perhaps stemming from political, religious and emotional pressures. (Dallas Morning News, 11/09/2009)
We are deeply confused about Islam as a culture and society; we will not speak the truth about it even when the truth slaps us repeatedly. We are in denial and will not engage a cruel enemy – even to defend ourselves from them on our own soil.
Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. Koran, 9:29
We will not defend ourselves, we will not speak the truth – we are in complete denial and are now in a societal decline reminiscent of Gibbon and the fall of Rome. Every event of jihad against us from prior to 9/11 to today is denied; no linkage is made between jihad warfare against us and the ideology of those who fight us. Islam remains, somehow, a “religion of peace” while it wages warfare against us via jihad attacks and the undermining of our society through falsehoods and infiltration.
“Individual Islamists may appear law-abiding and reasonable, but they are part of a totalitarian movement, and as such, all must be considered potential killers.” Daniel Pipes, American Islam scholar, author.

Muslims Must Kill Christian-Associating Muslims

It’s what Jews, Protestant evangelicals and informed Catholics have known all along. Muslims are out to kill Muslims if the latter associate with non-Muslims. That’s what Allah demands.That’s what makes Islam a killing religion. It’s not a “peace religion.” And American political leadership in particular had better stop referring to it as a “peace religion.” That shows ignorance. Further, it’s not fair to communicate falsehoods to the American grassroots.Islam is not really a religion as much as it is a killing cult. And America shuts down killing cults. However, Americans are also so tolerant of religion — any religion except Christianity these days — that their mindset says, “Yes, Muslims coexist nicely alongside Buddhists and Hindus and Shintoists and Jews and Christians and animists and atheists and agnostics. Yes they do. Isn’t that nice?”Well, it’s nice if you are any world religion but Islamic. Then you are a part of a killing cult. And what makes the cult so bizarre is that it not only seeks to slay every non-Muslim—that is, EVER non-Muslim — BUT ALSO EVERY MUSLIM WHO IS NOT LIVING UP TO THE KILLING DICTATE. Muslims who don’t follow through with ridding the world of the infidels — the non-Muslims — are backslidden renegades who by their own cowardice are under orders from Allah to be slain. That’s it. Nothing other than a killing cult: Muslims are to lay low Muslims who don’t lay low non-Muslims.There is no use glossing over Islam. There is no reasonable place for Islam on the planet. And any national leaders anywhere who proceeds to “educate” the public about the “peace religion” called Islam is doing the global community a huge disfavor.We have a tape now from international Muslim killer Aba Musab al-Zarqawi in which he states emphatically that the deity of Islam demands that Muslims do away with non-Muslims. Therefore, those Muslims in the New Iraq who cooperate with other religionists and those of no religion are cowards of the first order. Therefore, those backslidden Muslims must be slain along with the infidels. There is no other choice. It’s in the Koran. Allah has stipulated it in that book — the Holy Book which is in actuality the unholy treatise scribed by demons in honor of Lucifer-Allah.Fox News and Associated Press reports provide the following: “A tape said to have been recorded by terror mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi condemns the new government in Baghdad and claims the killing of fellow Muslims is justified in attacks against U.S. soldiers and Iraqi security forces. "’God ordered us to attack the infidels by all means ... even if armed infidels and unintended victims — women and children — are killed together,’ the speaker said. ‘The priority is for jihad so anything that slows down jihad should be overcome.’”There is more: "’This right (the jihad) is justified by Islam even if it resulted in the death of a number of Muslims who happen to be in the place during the fighting for one reason or another, provided that it is not possible to avoid them and the difficulty in distinguishing between them and the infidel military fighters.’"And still more: “Shiites are ‘collaborating with the worshippers of the cross,’ who invaded Iraq, corrupted the country and violated holy sites, the speaker said. ‘This is all taking place under of a state of apostasy among the rulers of this nation.’"All of this is to incite Muslims within New Iraq to reject the new government, kill off any non-Muslims and those Muslims who refuse to do so. That’s the bottom line of that tape. That’s what Muslim zealots international are intent on performing global. It’s not a one-time thing. It’s not a one-locale thing. It’s till the end of the time everywhere.That’s a killing cult. It exists now in the United States. It is fostered by such web sites as CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and that site’s satellite networks throughout the nation. That site and its surrogates paint Islam as a peace-adhering religion, the clerics as public relations community workers, and the Koran as a revered book from the divine. Of course, all of that is a lie and is lived out daily in our newscasts, now through this tape recording.So who will we believe: CAIR or the daily blood flowing in the alleys due to Muslim enthusiasts seeing through the postulates of their killing cult?Washington DC had better wise up to the truth about Islam and then communicate that to every town hall and school in the country. Right now various school systems are inviting Islamic speakers to speak sweetly to school district staff, encouraging acceptance of Islam. Right now various college and university campuses have Islamic speakers in classrooms, debunking America and lifting high Islam. Right now there are various leaflets and booklets put in libraries by such organizations as CAIR, all in the interest of lying to the American public about Islam being for peace and love and goodwill.It’s time that TV newscasters spoke the truth about Islam, that American pulpits pronounced the truth about this killing cult, and that politicians on every level nationwide alert every citizen as to what really is going on with the importation of Islam to this country.

Worlds Biggest Lie

The worlds biggest lie.
I believe that islam is the world biggest lie, At least it is the biggest lie of our age, There are so many
Lies when it comes to islam that muslims themselves can not possibly know them all, But lets discuss a
Few of these lies past present and surely as long as there is islam , Lies will go hand in hand with islam.
Muhammad himself, Perhaps islams very first lie is the one Muhammad told that began it all,
The meeting with the Angel known as Gabriel, And then there are so many others many of which are
Listed in various websites such as prophet of doom, Its much fast just to post the link and let you
Read for your self about many of Muhammads lies.
http://prophetofdoom.net/Islamic_Quotes_Deception.Islam of course Allah was Muhammads other great lie
Because as I will attempt to prove, Allah Most Gracious most Merciful would have nothing to do with this
Barbaric man in reality if there were such a being!
Then there was the fabricated Golden age of islam, there is an abundance of websites which clearly show
The Golden age of islam was nothing but a fabrication,
Then lets look at the Ottoman Empire and see how it was governed by islam, Ever corrupt but never admittedly so Islam!!!
In the birth and early ages of America we all know about Americas history of slavery a very shameful history in deed ironically there are many even amongst the house of islam who, use these as an exscuse
To hate and persecute America and to fuel hatred and violence against America and Americans in fact the
House of islam paid a fortune in this, hate feast it was and is all part of the of the Global Jihad movement.
Islam began the slave Jihad in Africa ages before there was an America and in the early ages of America,
Muslims stole and sold black Africans to many including American slave traders,
And of course this brings me to one of the other major lies of islam the one that claims Islam is about peace.
Currently today we are in islams third war for global domination , Its third attempt to conquer the globe for
The cause of islam, Slavery under the flag of islam was every bit as horrible as any other slavery ever, though some would lie to you and tell you other wise, It was and is horrible even living as dhimmis or so called” protected people “ Jews and Christians living under Islamic rule,
And Jihad today’
The website listed below is graphic and only adults should view it!
And the global jihad movement and the United Ummah proudly boast of there intentions for global dominations they proudly boast that is is about islam and yes …there enablers like ostriches with there
Heads in the sand blindly defend islam at all costs swearing it is about peace and forbids violence and
Jihad has nothing to do with Islam. THERE LIES, And they are lies which only aid islam in the slaughter and enslavement and persecution of millions!!!
The true purpose for the cartoon jihad was really just to aid the global jihad movement and silence those who dare stand up and tell the truth about islam! These blasphemy laws have been use to persecute and brutally murder those who dares stand and tell the truth for ages now .

Look for your self investigate and see you there is even more far more information on Islams deadly lies all you have to do is look and see!


How America Will Fall to Islam

Schools will instruct pupils on the "religion of peace," Islam. Now Islamic speakers are invited into school systems to teach faculty and principals about the goodness of Islam.
Mosque clerics will be regarded the same as the Methodist minister down the street. After all, a cleric is a cleric.
Liberal groups such as the Episcopal Church, Unitarian-Universalist Society, and United Church of Christ (Congregational) will look upon Islam as a world religion among religions, thus deserving equal space with Christianity and Judaism.
Local clergy associations will welcome Muslim clerics into their fellowship.
Liberal politicians will champion Islam as compatible with America because they will believe the lies on 4000 Muslim web sites. After all, America welcomes all equally.
Theologically conservative leaders such as Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham, will be black listed for publishing factual books exposing Islam as a violent cult. He already has suffered such. He has been silenced by the liberal element in the United States.
Politicians and religious liberals will regard "peace religion" Islam as being highjacked by "insurgents" and "terrorists" rather than realizing that all Muslims are aligned with the same killing passages replete in the unholy book, the Koran.
Schools will set aside rooms for Muslim prayers during school hours. Airports will follow suit. Independent living residential communities will follow suit. Just as they have chapels, they will have mosque centers.
Public buildings will provide prayer rooms for Muslim prayers just as a local athletic building in New Jersey has done so for Muslim sports figures there.
Newspapers' religion pages will place mosque advertisements for meetings and so forth right alongside the advertisements for churches. They will also provide regular feature articles on Islam as a "peace religion," just as the local city paper already does where I live.
The sharia will become legal fare in most countries, including America. This Koran-based judicial system that enhances murder and maiming as well as discrimination against females will be set aside as proper for the Muslim community.
Islamic professors will pepper the universities and colleges throughout the nation, propagating the message that Islam is a "peace religion." They will likewise blackball Christianity and Judaism, as is presently the fashion. This takes place presently.
Religious colleges that are theologically liberal will have Muslim instructors and personnel on staff in order to give the public relations image that they are open to all beliefs.
Chapel services on theologically liberal religious-oriented campuses will have Muslim speakers to balance out theologically liberal "Christian" preachers. Already at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine, the campus chapel is decorated with flag banners of all world religions, including Islam. The banners hang from the sanctuary ceiling.
Islamic so-called holy days will be legitimatized as holidays necessitating celebration and days off from work throughout the nation
Islamic symbols will decorate our stamps..
Islamic authors will become popular in "reading America."
Peace themes focusing on Islamic actors will be placed in television sitcoms.
TV series such as "Sleeper Cells" will become passe and regarded as out of date and out of fact.
Legislation will be passed stating that anything truthfully negative about Islam will be regarded as a "hate crime."
Certain Islamic personages will run for political offices and will win their elections. This takes place now.
The National Council of Churches will welcome Islam into its membership.
Liberal seminaries such as Harvard Divinity School will baptize Islam as a legitimate religion among world religions, just as HDS does already in its world religions building / courses.
It will become posh for Islamic speakers to be featured on talk shows and at book forums in local communities.
The Koran will be placed alongside the Bible in hospital chapels, just as it already is placed in the chapel in the city hospital near where I live.
The headscarf used by Muslim women will become fashionable for non-Muslim women in America. Already the headscarf clad young women appearing in various advertisements on the Internet.
Advertisements will include in their human figures not only whites and blacks and Hispanics but also obviously garbed Muslims.
"Jihad" will change its meaning from murder and maiming to improving the inner self, just as it is now defined on the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) lying web site.
Muslims will establish charitable causes to which the public will be asked to contribute, moneys used to enhance Islam and thereby overtake the nation.
Christians and Jews will be relegated to a lower status than Islam. Christians and Jews will be informed to be quiet, hold no meetings or seminars teaching the facts about Islam, and squelch any preaching against Islam.
Political liberals such as "Rev." Jesse Jackson will come to the fore as comrades of Islam, presenting Christianity and Islam as monotheistic religions of common foundation. It will become posh for Islam and Christianity and Judaism to be presented as the three great monotheistic religions of the world, thus giving Islam equal footing with the other two religions.
There will be much talk about all three religions having Abraham as "the father of the faith."
Regarding Islam as a killing cult will expose the offender as committing a "hate crime."
University and college commencement addresses, particularly those on the state level, will feature Islamic speakers.
Islamic killers in America will be regarded as an anomaly and embarrassment to Islam as the true "religion of peace."
Sunday school curricula in liberal denominations will feature Islam as a legitimate world religion.
Islam will become a highlight article feature in theologically liberal publications. Already such articles have appeared in the Harvard Divinity School Bulletin.
Islamic literature will be distributed widely freely throughout the nation, similarly to such literature distributed by Moonies at airport terminals.
Koran killing passages will be rephrased so as to erase the Koran killing-passages just as such quotes are changed on the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). These changes will appear in the American publication of the Koran placed in public buildings.
Government agencies, particularly in Washington DC, will cower before Muslim demands just as they did as set forth in the article above.
Muslims elsewhere on the planet will cause such mayhem that America will fear such coming to this country and therefore will give Muslims anything they want in order to keep the blood from flowing our USA streets.
J. Grant Swank Jr.--Read: http://jgrantswankjr.blogspot.com/

America, Squash Muslim Violence

Other countries are slowly waking up to the Muslim intrusion. That break-in breeds violence, flattens community, and seeks to overtake civility for barbarism.Actually, some political leaders here and there are taking the matter seriously so as to strap down these madhouse Muslims.For instance, in Canada, immigrants are told in no uncertain terms what is expected if they want to stay put. There will be no genital mutilation, for instance. That cuts through Islamic customs centuries’ old. The female children are mutilated so that they are ready recipients of male domination. Not so in Canada.Canada has also banned honor killings. That’s basic turf on which to build a society worth calling cultured. Yet in Islamic environs honor killing is daily bloodflow. If a woman is concluded by clan males to have defamed that clan, she can be shot in the head. When Iraq was overseen by Killer Hussein, females frequently were dragged into soccer stadiums, shot in the head and left as examples to other women to toe the male line.Canada will not tolerate spousal abuse. What goes on in some Muslim cluster communities is horrific. Other Muslims provide cover so that the non-Muslims don’t find out about the violence. It’s “their way.” But Canadian civil authorities are spelling it out to immigrants that authorities will investigate. They will uncover. They will find out what is bedeviling their neighborhoods in the name of Allah.It is not the “Welcome” sign to Muslim mayhem that one might think could slip through into Canadian culture. Instead, enough has become known about the Islamic cult to begin to cleanse the nation of that which undermines and destroys. America needs to do the same.Britain was surprised at first by the influx of Muslims en masse. But gradually Brits have come to their senses. Of course, much more needs to be done; but at least what’s started no doubt, thank God, will continue in order to rid the nation of Islamic slice and dice.A particular police force has been set up in Britain to know what really is going on in Muslim households and communal settings. The focus is particularly on honor killing. The police have told the public that any Brit who has been kidnapped to a “foreign country” will be returned to Britain. Pakistan specifically has had a happy time of it slipping these females out of Britain for hell’s corridors.What about females who think they are going to be slaughtered by male Muslims ready to slit their throats. The women can ask for a witness-protection plan to be enforced for their lives’ sake. This is a major move forward on the side of civilization continuance.What about Brit’s legal cases file that is laden with honor killings data? Scotland Yard has started to dust off those files for proper investigations. Europe has been threatened, scolded, stomped on and yelled at by Muslim fanatics bent on taking over. Europe has been slow at moving against the enemy. But Europeans are starting to get the message that if they don’t bury the Muslim murderers and rapists and thieves, there won’t be much Europe niceties left.Europe is moving to install protection of females, especially Muslim immigrant women who could be buried via honor killings. Europe’s pouted praiseworthy ‘multiculturalism’ has painted over its face a deadly scar. That pain has screamed loudly enough for power structures to hear the cry. Does Europe want to be drenched in blood or open their windows to morning breezes of delight and song? Now what about America and its handouts, its stupid tolerance, its Muslim President hiding truth from our nation? Yes, there are honor killings in the land of the free and home of the brave. There is domestic violence fostered by adherence to the blood verses of the Koran. There are females who are treated as worthless, as dung. There are wife beatings. There are forced nuptials. There are brand new mosques constructed to instruct males in how to be instruments of cruelty over women and children.America, take off the blind folds.
Read “How America Will Fall to Islam” at..


Applied Moral Relativism

In the dark halls of denial and confusion once known as the learning and planning centers of great public and private institutions across this great land, it is believed—altogether incorrectly—that Moral Relativism has no victims, only beneficiaries.

We have recently seen a jihadist in the US military commit heinous unspeakable crimes of murder and treason at Fort Hood, Texas. He was allowed to commit treason and murder because those in positions of authority allowed him to do it preferring to avoid the appearance of a negative opinion and concern about jihad (and necessarily the “religion of peace/Islam” from which jihad comes) and treason to protecting the lives and security of American service men and women. This is a disastrous failure on the part of many Americans in positions of grave responsibility. This horror must be laid entirely at the feet of the failed philosophy of Moral Relativism and its ugly sibling multiculturalism. Most horrific of all is the fact that this appalling crime at Fort Hood was so readily preventable.

Equivalence is the essence of Moral Relativism; Hasan at Fort Hood was allowed to do his evil business because his expressions of jihad intent and murderous feelings towards non-Muslims were simply “his opinion”, and nothing more. Even expressions of outright treason by Hasan evinced no definitive reaction from military authorities.

If we have no standards of belief, no accepted concepts of truth and value, then any new ideology that reaches our shores is considered by moral relativists to be as valid as the host culture and perhaps even superior simply because it is “different”. Moral relativists have no basis upon which to make moral or ethical judgments and certainly cannot/must not express any opinions that might denigrate or criticize another’s ideology or belief system regardless of the moral or ethical quality of that system. Moral relativists, multiculturalists, and the politically correct are all “birds of a feather” deluding themselves and others that their openness and radical tolerance, even for those with outright offensive ideas, makes for a happier world. They are wrong; Hasan at Fort Hood is one of many proofs.

When all fundamental concepts of “value” and importance, and even the idea of the dichotomy that results from better/worse, good/rotten, intelligent/stupid, enlightened/ignorant are utterly abandoned, denied, and scorned what is left is moral and ethical equivalence. A society that has no idea what it stands for, what it believes in, what it means for citizens to be part of the society itself—is doomed. A society without core ideas is a society destined to failure.

Such a society of radical tolerance has no moral core, no ethical foundation and is bereft of intellectual honesty even to the extreme of forgiving a traitor his treason as if such ideas are merely opinion and completely victimless. We know that this is not so. Moral relativism creates victims not co-prosperity. Our failure to acknowledge good/evil, loyalty/treason, right/wrong, best/rotten, allowed Hasan to commit his reprehensible crimes at Fort Hood.

We are a society adrift, it is clear, because we have disavowed the foundations upon which our society was built. The preventable mass murder at Fort Hood is but one illustration of the victim-creating debacle that is Moral Relativism. Of course, this obvious negation of the value of Moral Relativism hasn’t prevented us from adopting this failed concept as the basis upon which we interact with others, at home and abroad. Fort Hood is the culmination of Moral Relativism in our culture; it is a failed and repellent philosophy that must be abandoned.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines Moral Relativism as something that one accuses another of, rather than something to which one proudly admits. This alone identifies Moral Relativism as an inherent negative, and not something that most reasonable people admit to proudly or at all. Reasonable people know that some cultures are better than others, but haven’t the courage to say. Political correctness is the strong arm of the intellectual failure that is Moral Relativism and Multiculturalism. And what if someone who speaks the truth is described in unfavorable terms? Who cares? The truth supersedes all of this hokum fake Utopian philosophy bunk. The truth requires no defense but itself.

Most often it is associated with an empirical thesis that there are deep and widespread moral disagreements and a metaethical thesis that the truth or justification of moral judgments is not absolute, but relative to some group of persons. Sometimes ‘Moral Relativism’ is connected with a normative position about how we ought to think about or act towards those with whom we morally disagree, most commonly that we should tolerate them.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the titan of moral clarity and Soviet prisoner of conscience and author of Gulag Archipelago, and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch, was a prescient man. He warned us about the coming failure of our society back in 1978 in an address at Harvard University (oh, how that institution has failed in its mission!).

The theme of Solzhenitsyn’s address was a warning to the West that a rejection of definitive truths is the foundation of a society’s decline and eventual destruction. He identified the abandonment of the concept of evil and the rise of “humanism” that today is Moral Relativism and post-modernism as the ugly egg from which failed cultures are born.

Such a tilt of freedom in the direction of evil has come about gradually but it was evidently born primarily out of a humanistic and benevolent concept according to which there is no evil inherent to human nature; the world belongs to mankind and all the defects of life are caused by wrong social systems which must be corrected. Strangely enough, though the best social conditions have been achieved in the West, there still is criminality and there even is considerably more of it than in the pauper and lawless Soviet society. (Solzhenitsyn, address at Harvard, 1978, see citation below.)

Without a firm concept of societal identity and a definitive understanding of and belief in right and wrong, good and evil and similar dichotomies the West cannot succeed over time and will fall to more absolutist ideas due to a lack of moral willpower.

And yet — no weapons, no matter how powerful, can help the West until it overcomes its loss of willpower. In a state of psychological weakness, weapons become a burden for the capitulating side. To defend oneself, one must also be ready to die; there is little such readiness in a society raised in the cult of material well-being. Nothing is left, then, but concessions, attempts to gain time and betrayal. (Solzhenitsyn, Harvard address, 1978)

We saw with great pride a rush of enlistments after the jihad attacks of 9/11. We know that our heroes still reside in our country, but they are not the standard, they are not the main—they are standard bearers of the idea of self-sacrifice and service that requires a firm understanding of right and wrong and the courage to identify both and take requisite actions. The society from which these brave soldiers sprang has gone in a different direction than they. Our soldiers are our guide, not our politically correct leaders in broken institutions that refuse to defend themselves and us for fear of causing offense to someone real or imagined. Certainly, we have lost our moral willpower.

Facing such a danger, with such historical values in your past, at such a high level of realization of freedom and apparently of devotion to freedom, how is it possible to lose to such an extent the will to defend oneself? (Solzhenitsyn, Harvard address, 1978)

Solzhenitsyn believed that moral growth was imperative for any society and that its citizens must move forward morally and ethically. The existence of and adherence to a legal system was insufficient; meaning and value could never come from law alone but only from moral growth and understanding.

Societies require laws because of humanity’s inherent flaws; if we were perfect there would be no laws. We are not perfect, but adherence to law alone is insufficient to sustain a society and is no foundation upon which societal health and growth can be constructed. Materialism and legality is not enough.

We must have a firm foundation in morality and ethics—which we have abandoned here in this great land. We cannot say that we were not warned. Solzhenitsyn was very clear back in 1978 we just didn’t listen.

It has to be the fulfillment of a permanent, earnest duty so that one’s life journey may become an experience of moral growth; so that one may leave life a better human being than one started it. It is imperative to review the table of widespread human values. Its present incorrectness is astounding.

A society which is based on the letter of the law and never reaches any higher is taking very scarce advantage of the high level of human possibilities. The letter of the law is too cold and formal to have a beneficial influence on society. Whenever the tissue of life is woven of legalistic relations, there is an atmosphere of moral mediocrity, paralyzing man’s noblest impulses.

And it will be simply impossible to stand through the trials of this threatening century with only the support of a legalistic structure.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn at Harvard Class Day Afternoon Exercises,
Thursday, June 8, 1978

The rise of post-modernism and Moral Relativism whereby equivalence and mediocrity (or outright evil) trumps value and quality (Pirsig, where are you?) continues to be the grim reaper of our cultural and societal life. It will soon eat us whole.

We are now in a great economic collapse, the worst since the great depression. After trillions of dollars have been spent on recovery efforts our national unemployment rate hovers at almost 11% with the “real” unemployment rate considered by some to be much higher. As of this writing there is no recovery but for Wall Street firms enjoying immense infusions of capital because they are simply “too important to fail”. However, the American street (not as important to some as the Arab/Muslim “street”) has felt little benefit and little stimulus and continues to suffer intensely. One would think that in this crisis environment companies and governments would show a clear bias for the growth of American business and therefore support of their fellow Americans; it is not so.

On November 24th it was reported in mainly foreign outlets (China) that a Chinese company was granted a $100 million contract to do subway work on the New York subway system in Manhattan. The only American “news” outlet to cover this contract was the Wall Street Journal, and they literally only ran a two sentence “story”. According to the Journal, the Chinese contract was

…to build subway ventilation facilities in Manhattan.

China Daily quoted one analyst as saying that, “…the order came as no surprise as the US government is spending massively on infrastructure projects.”

How is it possible that the US government and likely the government of the city of New York in this case, are granting massive infrastructure contracts to foreign firms? Certainly there are American firms to do this work? The answer is Moral Relativism.

The article from China Daily was first reviewed several days ago. At that time there were 8 comments from Americans all criticizing the awarding of this contract to a foreign firm and wondering how a foreign company could get such a contract when American companies would be glad to get it. The commenters on this article all wondered how there could be an economic resurgence and recovery here in the United States if foreign firms were being granted large contracts from municipalities and by the federal government itself. These are all important questions to any American. In reviewing the article on China Daily this evening all the comments are gone. Communist states do not have neither freedom of speech nor freedom of the press, remember?

Moral relativism is an insidious thing; Solzhenitsyn warned us about it back in 1978. When we have no loyalty to our own people during the greatest economic collapse in almost a century can we be in anything but a national decline?

China, Switzerland, Rhodesia, Indonesia, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, etc.—every country and culture are all the same to Moral Relativists who have no moral core, no concept of what it means to be an American and why it is important to defend America and the concepts of freedom and tolerance and liberty upon which it was founded.

The horror at Fort Hood occurred for the same reason that infrastructure contracts for improvement of American cities are granted to foreign firms amidst a great economic disaster—because , as a culture, we do not value ourselves above others. This relativism is what “Moral Relativism,” and “Multiculturalism” are all about.

We do not see our value in comparison to other cultures because to make such a comparison is considered wrong, intolerant, and bigoted. Such comparisons are not allowed due to our embrace of multiculturalism and Moral Relativism.

We no longer can identify right/wrong, good/evil, etc. We can only embrace the concept of total inclusiveness; though this is an extraordinarily counter-historical radical concept. We are inclusive to the point where traitors, lunatics, killers, and haters are tolerated because they are simply “different” rather than wrong or dangerous or evil.

Our culture appears to have accepted the false premise that if we are but radically inclusive and uber-tolerant than all of our adversaries will love us for our inclusiveness and tolerance. This idea is a negation of the history of humanity, and the nature of humanity itself.

We live in a Utopian fantasy based upon the denial of the nature of humanity.

Our legitimization of ridiculous multiculturalism and Moral Relativism has disastrous results – most particularly the death of innocents at places like Fort Hood (and on 9/11), and the ongoing decline of the greatest country ever seen on this planet, the United States of America.

If we are to recover from this economic nightmare from which we suffer, and persevere against absolutist and totalitarian ideologies such as Islam and the corruption we see in high and low places in our leadership, we must return to the foundations of our democracy. We must accept that loyalty to our fellow Americans is the first and foremost obligation for us all and that the myth of surpranationalism and global unity is just that - a myth.

There is evil in the world, and humanity is not perfect. We must aspire to greater things than the adherence to only our laws alone (this is the core of Solzhenitsyn’s warning); American power and greatness has always rested upon the concept that our shores are the last safe haven in a difficult and often savage world; our society is open to all who want to assimilate and become American. We must not become like the herd; and remain steadfast as the leader and the safe haven for those innocents who, cruelly abused by their own corrupt societies seek a place to reside in safety and freedom.

Certainly, there must always be a place to go for succor and life for those who flee the horrors of the world – a place of decency, opportunity, and justice. We have the privilege to live in this place.

Benjamin Franklin said upon leaving the Constitutional Convention after ratification that we now have a “Republic, if we can keep it.” We must support our Republic and acknowledge its exceptionalism and value and make good the promise of Lincoln at Gettysburg that this nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal shall not perish from the earth.

Obama Violates Osama Oath

On December 18, 2007, then presidential candidate Barack Obama leveled the first of dozens of heavy criticisms against President George W. Bush. In a speech in Des Moines, Obama blasted President Bush for taking his “eye off the ball in Afghanistan." He continued: "It’s time to…increase our military, political, and economic commitment to Afghanistan. That’s what…I’ll do as president.”This was Barack Obama’s first “eye off the ball” speech. It was the beginning of a barrage of campaign speeches accusing the Bush administration of “taking our eye off of Osama bin Laden” (Denver, 1/30/08).On July 15, 2008 in Washington, D.C., then Senator Obama vowed to deploy “the full force of American power to hunt down and destroy Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, the Taliban, and all of the terrorists responsible for 9/11." In fact, Barack Obama specifically used the name of Osama bin Laden at least 40 times in speeches during his Presidential campaign while definitively pledging to focus all necessary resources against bin Laden, al Qaeda and the Taliban in the countries where they live and operate.
On November 3, 2008, the day before his election, Obama delivered for the last time as a candidate his oft repeated promise, “I will finally finish the fight against bin Laden and the al Qaeda terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. I will never hesitate to defend this nation.” More than a year has passed since Obama was elected. Since that date, we have seen a distinct contrast between candidate Obama and Commander-in-Chief Obama. Candidate Obama seldom failed to rail against the war in Iraq - the “war of choice” - and seldom failed to burnish his national security credentials by railing against bin Laden. As he said repeatedly before his election, “I have no greater priority than taking out these terrorists who threaten America, and finishing the job against the Taliban. I will never hesitate to defend this nation!” President Obama has now hesitated for a full three months since General McChrystal requested more troops in Afghanistan and said failing to do so risked an outcome that “will likely result in failure.” A Commander-in-Chief must be decisive in time of war. The lives of our troops, the destiny of our nation and that of the free world is at stake. Well before January 20, 2009 when he took the presidential oath of office, Obama swore an oath to defend America at home and abroad. When he became a US Senator, Obama took the Congressional oath which says, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”In every case, campaign rhetoric and national security policy merge the moment we elect a president. In this case, quite specifically, President Obama’s Congressional oath and campaign promises were merged by his taking the oath of office of President. A President’s oath of office is set by the Constitution: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” To fulfill that oath, a president must defend our nation against all the enemies of the Constitution. Osama bin Laden is one, beyond any quibble or doubt. And when a president is elected, he becomes accountable for the promises he made. When he became president, the presidential oath required Obama to recommit to those principles. Thousands of Americans gave him their vote in full faith that Obama would keep faith with them and make good on his solemn vow to defeat bin Laden and al Qaeda.Today, it has become completely obvious that President Obama has taken his eye off the very ball that he defined as candidate Obama. As President, he has virtually stopped talking about defeating Osama bin Laden. In the year since elected, during the dozens of speeches and press conferences he has given as president and in dramatic contrast with his own persistent and repetitive warnings about “taking our eye off of Osama bin Laden,” Obama has uttered the name bin Laden only four times. It is even more significant that not once since his election has Obama repeated his oath to “finish the fight against bin Laden and the al Qaeda terrorists.”American fighting forces are by far the best fighting forces the world has ever seen. They alone among the troops of the world defend and advance the cause of liberty for the sake of all who yearn to be free. Defeat, retreat or failure is not a political decision for them. They have written a blank check to the Commander-in-Chief for a value up to and including their very lives. Our troops know they will one day come home, boots on or boots off. They are not deployed to dither. Their very nobility requires a decision from the President who said, “This is a war that we have to win.”

New Provocative Film: 'Kalifornistan'

It’s safe to say the folks who think Army Maj. Nidal M. Hasan is a victim of post traumatic stress disorder, not a terrorist with a laundry list of ties to radicalism, won’t be tickled to see “Kalifornistan.” The new film, an unabashed assault on Islamic extremists, comes from conservative filmmaker Jason Apuzzo. The movie fuses film, video, documentary and surveillance footage to follow a terrorist planning to wipe Los Angeles off the map. He’s too extreme even for Al Qaeda, but that might not stop him from carrying out his plans. He somehow finds time to stalk an exotic dancer (Govindini Murty, also the film‘s executive producer). Apuzzo, who most recently co-directed the Liberty Film Festival, says he wanted to make movie to satirize “the madness, the insanity of terrorism.”
“I thought that the best way to do that was to tell a story from the perspective of a terrorist on the streets of Los Angeles who doesn't recognize how deranged his own behavior is,” Apuzzo says. The film’s villain is steeped in both Bush Derangement Syndrome and the very worst of the Left’s talking points concerning its ideological foes. “He believes all the lies he's been told about how awful America is, how inferior women are, how Republicans and white people are out to get him,” he says. “He's completely delusional.” Yet the terrorist character’s inability to see through his muddled thinking makes him a comical figure of sorts. “So there's a lot of pathos and humor there,” he says. It’s precisely the kind of approach lacking in mainstream Hollywood movies, including ones on the more daring independent film circuit. Today’s movies tend to satirize the evil war machine (“In the Loop”) or question the United States’ involvement in the Middle East (“Body of Lies”). Rare is the film that blasts those who commit terrorist acts, and Apuzzo thinks that’s a shame. “We're in a war right now, yet no one is making films that actually depict what the enemy is like, and how deranged and occasionally ridiculous these people are,” he says. Apuzzo says his movie treads a delicate line between mocking terrorists and finding humor born of tragedy. “What's being satirized in ‘Kalifornistan‘ is the worldview of Islamic terrorists, not the violence they commit,” he says, adding the film takes full advantage of the “baroque“ characters found in the strip clubs, gun shops and abandoned warehouses featured in the story. “The humor in ‘Kalifornistan‘ is really just there to draw you in to what is very serious, dark subject matter.”A film like “Kalifornistan” with no bankable stars or major studio behind it could have a tough time getting exposure. But Apuzzo has experience dealing with independent film, particularly projects shot by conservative filmmakers. He helped run the Liberty Film Festival, an annual event which gave right-thinking artists a place to show their projects. Screenings for Apuzzo’s film will be announced soon, but people can pre-order the DVD on the film’s web site - www.kalifornistan.com. The DVD’s official release date is Dec. 15, 2009. “We found that the best approach for indie films is to narrow the release windows in order to take advantage of when films get their initial media coverage,” he says. Mainstream press outlets rarely give the kind of exposure to conservative films that they heap upon movies by the likes of Michael Moore. But Apuzzo says traditional outlets are starting to pick up on his film. He hopes his new film will share elements from movies made during the 1960s, “an extremely creative time for the cinema,” he says. “The films that really inspired me were the more experimental films from that period - like Jean-Luc Godard's ‘Alphaville,’ or Gillo Pontecorvo's ‘Battle of Algiers,’” he says. “Those films combined narrative and documentary in a way that was totally groundbreaking.” Apuzzo isn’t worried about an Islamic backlash to his film, even though one of the world’s biggest directors recently tweaked his movie to avoid such a controversy. Roland Emmerich, the director of the new blockbuster “2012,” says he decided against toppling the Kaaba, a holy site in the Islamic faith, in his new film for fear it could anger Muslims - and potential incite repercussions. “’Kalifornistan’ isn't really about Islam, because what motivates the terrorist in the film is anti-Americanism. He's motivated more by politics than by religion,” he says.Apuzzo wants audiences to be entertained by his new film, but his ambitions for the movie don’t end there.“I also hope "Kalifornistan" can be a breakout film for people who've been wanting American movies to be a little more honest, a little more truthful about the world we're actually living in,” he says. “If that happens I'll be thrilled.

God’s Blessings Needed Now More Than Ever

Like millions of American families yesterday, my family celebrated Thanksgiving, which President Washington declared “a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God.”But as we were thanking God for His blessings, it struck me how many of those “signal favors of Almighty God” are endangered today not only by an administration that views the country it leads as inferior and unexceptional, but also by enemies determined to make that belief a reality. Religious liberty: Conservatives have long denounced the Left’s assault on the First Amendment’s guarantee of religion freedom. That assault has intensified over the last year. President Obama recently signed a hate crimes law that may designate any talk against homosexual conduct as a hate crime. And Obama nominated David Hamilton as a judge to the Seventh Circuit Court. The Senate confirmed the former ACORN and ACLU attorney despite a decision in which he ruled that prayers in Jesus’ name are unconstitutional but prayers to Allah are not.
Free Elections: Such elections are fundamental to constitutional democracy. As James Madison said, “Where annual elections end, tyranny begins.” But our elections are increasingly marred by fraud. A new study by Aristotle International Inc, a technology company specializing in political campaigns, found that there are 12.9 million Americans who remain registered voters despite being dead. That’s 8.9 percent of voters, enough to tip almost any election. In August, Attorney General Eric Holder dropped a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party, two of whose members brandished weapons and verbally and physically threatened voters in Philadelphia last November. When you consider also that ACORN has received more than $50 million in taxpayer funding over the last two decades despite being under investigation for voter registration fraud in a dozen states, it is easy to see why some commentators only half joking compare America’s elections with those in the most corrupt African countries. Family and the Defense of Human Life: Perhaps the most cherished words of our founding are found in the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, which states in part, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”Yet more than one million of our nations’ most vulnerable members are destroyed each year. Under ObamaCare, an increasing share of that genocide would be paid for by American taxpayers. What’s more, President Obama has also released a directive to rescind President Bush’s provider conscience regulation, which protects pro-life medical professionals from having to participate in abortions. Abortion advocates have made clear their intention to force all medical professionals to participate in abortion and other life-destroying procedures, even though such participation violates the Hippocratic Oath not to destroy life and would drive needed pro-life medical professionals out of the profession. Financial Responsibility: Our national debt has reached more than $12 trillion. By 2019, our government will spend more than $700 billion a year just to service that debt. And while our debt has been a problem for decades, it has ballooned since Barack Obama took office less than a year ago. The federal government added almost $2 trillion in debt this year and wants to add to it with a $2.5 trillion budget busting healthcare bill. The federal government spent $3.5 trillion in Obama’s first year in office, leaving our children and grandchildren (and great grandchildren and beyond) to shoulder the burden. National Security: The Obama administration seemed to have little trouble deciding to launch a surge in government spending, but committing to a surge of troops in Afghanistan has been a much harder decision. Our armed forces are undermined by cowardly political leadership that has forced our men and women in uniform to wait months for reinforcements in order to fight a politically correct war. Meanwhile, the commander-in-chief bows to foreign monarchs and meets with dictators while refusing to meet with the Dalai Lama or human rights advocates in China. And now the Obama administration has decided to put 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial in a civilian court in New York. That decision may encourage jihadists to attack unarmed civilians here in the U.S. instead of fighting us on foreign battlefields. It is perhaps human nature not to fully appreciate our blessings until they are threatened. The United States of America remains a free nation, with a standard of living higher than almost any other country. But if we hope to continue enjoying “the many signal favors of Almighty God” next Thanksgiving, we must continue fighting for our values now.

Political Correctness Is Deadly

As many analysts have noted, political correctness has insinuated itself into the analysis of the murders at Fort Hood. Far better to rationalize the atrocity by referring to the assailant, Major Nidal Hasan, as a deranged individual, rather than a radical Muslim intent on bloodshed.It is self evident that not all Muslims are intent on violence, but as the history of the last few decades indicates most of the premeditated violence can be attributed to Muslims who rely on Koranic verses and Sharia to justify sanguinic action. Common sense tells us avoidance of this reality will lead inexorably to additional deaths since the power of politically correct assertions trumps all other considerations.Why should this be the case? In the Korematsu v. United States decision that led to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II , Justice Jackson wrote “ the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution do not constitute a suicide pact.” Applied to the present, this observance of common sense suggests that the Constitution, in this case the First Amendment, cannot be employed to excuse violence. Jihadism, in its oral form as well as its manifest reality, cannot be tolerated, even if proponents claim it is protected by the freedom of religion. Islam may be a religion embraced by as many as three million Americans, but when there are calls for violence against apostates and non-believers, intolerance must be exercised.
George Santanna argued that the overarching responsibility for the tolerant man is to be intolerant of intolerance. Unfortunately this is a position many Americans have forgotten.Had someone in authority at Fort Hood raised concerns about the Muslim psychiatrist, he would have been brought up on charges and opportunity for promotion would have been thwarted. Islamophobia is a demerit that is not easily overcome.During the Cold War, President Reagan was excoriated for calling the Soviet Union “an evil empire.” The myrmidons of political correctness said this claim was undiplomatic, likely to offend, oafish and worse. Reagan defied his detractors realizing that the truth is a powerful antidote to political correctness.But these are different times. Students have been proselytized by left wing instructors with the belief that tolerance for designated groups must prevail despite the implicit danger in doing so. Courage is often defined as standing by these political shibboleths. But there are times when this adherence to correctness runs smack into common sense. Although the CIA claims to have known of Major Hasan’s attempt to contact al Qaeda and his radical sensibility, there was the fear that acting on this knowledge would potentially heighten a backlash against Muslim soldiers. As a consequence, the safety of G.I.’s was put at risk in order to avoid offending Muslims in the military. I’m reminded of the response to Winston Churchill’s blistering critique of Neville Chamberlain’s Munich Accord in the House of Commons. Churchill was derided by members of parliament as a “fool” who through his febrile ranting would offend Adolf Hitler. Of course, history pointed out who the real fools were in this scenario.At the moment, avatars of political correctness are in the ascendency. They are far more concerned about offending those in designated victim groups, including Muslims, rather than the general welfare and security of the nation. And they can be found in every crevice of national life from universities to corporations and military installations. Will Americans wake up to this madness or are the murders in Fort Hood a momentary nightmare soon overtaken by other events? The jury is still out on this matter, but the deadly effects of political correctness are palpable and apparent every passing day.


"Veiled Atrocities" and America's Alliance with Saudi Arabia

Phillis Chesler's review of Sami Alrabaa's book, "Veiled Atrocities" (Prometheus Books), and why America's friendship with Saudi Arabia is morally abhorrent and indefensible...
The Saudi mutawas (“morality police”) are terrifying. Like vultures, they swoop down on their vulnerable prey, especially women, and then send them straight to Hell. The “long beards” curse and beat their female prisoner, totally terrify her; then, they throw her into a dark, medieval dungeon, (assume the worst here). They remove her only in order to gang-rape and torture her—all presumably in the name of Islam. Her crime? In one instance, although the woman was a foreign national, she dared to take a taxi downtown without a male escort.
Risking the wrath of Saudi religious police, a woman in Mecca,loosens her veil to eat an ice cream HASAN JAMALI (AP)
Remind me: Why are we still allies with Saudi Arabia? Why did President Obama bow to the King who presides over such Hell? Can we find no oil elsewhere, no other sources of energy? Do Americans really understand what goes on in Saudi Arabia? Have we forgotten that the Saudis have single-handedly exported Wahhabi fundamentalism and propaganda that has poisoned both westerners and those in the east—and have funded western universities and media as well? Does anyone remember that 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia? Or that Osama bin Laden is a Saudi? Do we not understand that the Kingdom has funded bin Laden? And that they have funded many influential Islamic “charities” in North America? Please read Stephen Suleyman Schwartz’s excellent piece on this here.
Yes, I know: The Saudi rulers oppose Al Qaeda who would overrun the sands were the House of Saud to ever quit the desert. And yet: Are we aware, even dimly, of how very barbaric the Saudi rulers themselves are—despite all their suave, smooth, westernized, glitzy exteriors? Do we understand what it means to live in the 8th or 9th centuries?
Prometheus Books is about to publish a book by Sami Alrabaa which is called Veiled Atrocities: True Stories of Oppression in Saudi Arabia. Once I picked it up, I literally could not put it down. Alrabaa is a professor of anthropology and sociology who, for five years, chaired a department of European Languages and Translation at King Saud University.
Mary Laurel Ross has also just published a very good book about Saudi Arabia. Veiled Honor (Father’s Press) is based on Ross’s having lived in the Kingdom for nearly fifteen years as the wife of an American military officer. The book is based on the many letters she sent her mother-in-law, who carefully kept them all. Like Alrabaa, Ross’s book does not whitewash the normalization of atrocities in the Kingdom as so many of the earlier books about Saudi Arabia once did.
I will review both books at a later date. The atrocities are visited upon both men and women, and definitely upon foreign workers and foreign nationals.
However, today, I want to focus on one story only which concerns woman’s inhumanity to woman—which is also the subject and title of my book, which has just been reissued with a new introduction. This story is contained in the opening chapter of Alrabaa’s book.
Al Rabaa tells the story of Karin (presumably a pseudonym), a German woman who took a taxi downtown and got arrested for doing so. Thrown into a dungeon, beaten, raped, traumatized, no one knew where she was. Finally, a married Saudi man (alas, one to whom she was already attracted), moved heaven and earth to rescue her. He got her released after having her German husband deported and after marrying her without Karin even being present. A well connected Saudi man can rescue his wife from prison. Satam moved Karin into the home he shared with his first wife Fatima and their children. Satam soon lost interest in Karin and spent long hours away from home. But Karin was already pregnant. Here’s how Fatima handled the situation.
First, around midnight, while Karin was sleeping, Fatima put on loud Arabic music, came into Karin’s room and “slammed a massive stick down onto my stomach…I screamed for help. ‘No one is going to hear you, Gahba (whore)!’” The first wife kept swinging the stick at her. Karin fled. Finally, Satam got Karin her own apartment. Whereupon, Fatima started calling her to “harass and terrorize me…she spread rumors that I had a boyfriend who secretly came to visit me.” In fact, Fatima enlisted relatives in an elaborate scheme to entrap Karin and to report all such concocted suspicious doings to Satam.
But here is the most evil thing that Fatima did. Because Mimi, their housemaid, was helpful to Karin, Fatima reported Mimi to the mutawa for “fornication.” The fact that this was totally untrue made no difference. Once Mimi was arrested, Prince Salman signed her death warrant. Satam could do nothing to reverse this decree. Thus, the following Friday, after prayers, the appropriate verses from the Qu’ran having been read, Mimi was stoned to death. The two Indian men she was accused of “fornicating” with (shopkeepers, where Mimi was shopping for Karin) each received one hundred lashes.
The graphic description of Mimi’s stoning is too awful for me to repeat.
I am waiting for Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama to spell out precisely what American policy should be vis a vis Saudi Arabia given their barbaric record on human rights and their major role in funding and exporting Islamic Jihad globally.


Torn Between Islam & Hindu Lover: A Muslimah's Fear of Freedom

How a skeptical and freedom-loving Muslim girl is torn between her love for a Hindu boy and her Islam/family with Dr. Ali Sina's advice.
Hello Ali sina,
I am Samara (name changed by Ali Sina) a medical student here in USA. I am writing this letter, as my last resort for my problems.
I am an immigrant, came here, with my family. My issue is, that I have fallen in love with a hindu guy, and me being born in a muslim family. I have always thought as a child that I would marry a muslim, but never thought that i would be totally in love with a hindu.
I am so torn apart between islam, family and my man.
I am totally against muslim rules and restrictions, and after reading your site, am completely a huge fan of you.
Sometimes I think about leaving Islam, but feel very guilty about it.
I love my family, and feel very pressurized by them, to marry a muslim man of their choice.I am totally against arranged marriages.
Please help me out. What do I do?
Please reply me, as you are my last resort.
I would probably end my life without having my man with me :(
Thank you
Hi Samara,
Before I answer you, let me tell you, how they train elephants in Asia.
In Southeast Asia, methods for taming elephants have been developed and fine-tuned over thousands of years. When a wild elephant is caught (khedda), it is first tied up alongside several experienced working elephants (kumies) and dragged to a training ground.
This is the beginning of a bitter and cruel "breaking-in" program. This stage lasts for about one week and is meant to achieve the young wild elephant's total submission to the will of man.
How are wild elephants broken in?
The elephant, still wild, is tied to a wooden frame or between two tree trunks where he is unable to move. And it is thus, tearing at the ropes and flailing with his trunk, that he is introduced to his mahout. In order to break it in, the young elephant is repeatedly stuck with an elephant hook and beaten. At the same time, the mahout talks to him in a calming voice.
Fear, pain, thirst and hunger finally make the elephant give up all resistance. When the elephant begins to accept its fate, the mahouts allow it to take a bath in a river and to eat, although it continues to be tied to a working elephant throughout.
After a few weeks, the young elephant will be tame enough to be led, still shackled and supervised by several mahouts, but no longer accompanied by working elephants. After this "initiation phase", the elephant starts its proper training to become a working elephant. (Source)
This is not unlike how Muslims are reduced into submission. Humans are born with free spirit. However, those who are unlucky enough to be born into Islamic families and those who are foolish enough to fall into the trap of Islam at a later age are reduced into submission in the same way that elephants are tamed. Their free spirit is broken in and they become submissive slaves.
Children and new Muslims are told about the fearsome hell of Allah, where humans are roasted 24/7, year round, until eternity. They will never die but burn and burn and boiling water is poured on them. The child is innocent and will believe anything his parents tell him trustingly, the foolish convert is also innocent, albeit in the pejorative sense of the word, and gobbles all this nonsense uncritically.
Once fear sets in the believer’s free spirit is broken. He will submit to any gobbledygook and fears questioning or doubting the nonsense that he is taught.
The elephant is strong enough to break his rope, toss away his mahout and walk away freely. But he won’t do it. Once his will is ‘broken in’, fear stops him from breaking away.
Muslims are smart enough to reject all the absurdities of Islam and set themselves free, but they won’t because of the fear of hell. Fear is more powerful than the desire to be free.
You live in America. You are a medical student, and of course you are an adult. There is nothing that can stop you from doing what is right for you. But you write to me asking my advice because of the fear and guilt. This fear is so tormenting that you even contemplate suicide rather that set yourself free.
There is nothing that stops you to do what you want. You are born free and unlike millions of unfortunate women who live in Islamic countries the laws protect your freedom. What torments you is only in your mind.
By leaving Islam you are not betraying your family, your culture or anyone. You are reclaiming your freedom. You are taking back your birthright. You are breaking the invisible chains that keep you shacked.
You love this Hindu man and he loves you. This is not a guarantee, but it is a necessary ingredient of a happy marriage. A happy marriage allows children to grow emotionally healthy.
An arranged marriage is like playing Russian roulette. It is a dangerous game. You never know what you will get into. But an arranged marriage with a Muslim is like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun. A Muslim is a different animal. When one is truly Muslim he also believes in the lies of Muhammad, like the lie of the verse 4:34 that says men are superior to women, and women are the custodians of their husband’s property, much like a good dog, and if a man fears that his wife may disobey him, he can admonish her, banish her and beat her. You don’t want a man with such distorted mind as your husband. A man who believes in this nonsense is a sick man. Avoid him like a plague.
Would you buy a pair of shoes, a blouse or a hat without seeing them? Would you ever rent a house without looking inside it? How can then you marry someone without having any knowledge of his character? What if you are not compatible? What if there is no chemistry and attraction between you? Imagine going to bed every night and making love to a man you don’t love. Wouldn’t it be a torture? You will not be happy. Your children will not grow up in a home full of joy. They will be psychologically impaired. Why do you think most Muslims suffer from one form or another psychological disorder, such as depression, lack of self esteem, paranoia, megalomania, aggressiveness, etc? They are products of dysfunctional families. 99% of Muslim families are dysfunctional. Some more and some less. You can force a woman to marry a man she does not love, but can you force her to love him? A loveless home is a dysfunctional home.
Islam regards women as incubators for man’s children. She is not regarded as a full person. Her feelings don’t count or don’t exist. All that count, are her vagina and her womb, particularly if she gives birth to sons. Who cares whether she finds her husband attractive, whether she loves him, whether she enjoys his company. A Muslim woman must not have feelings. Her feelings, just like her body belong to her husband. She must live to make her man happy. Satisfy his belly and whatever is under it. Like a slave she must work, like a dog she must protect her husband’s property, like a donkey she can be beaten and like an inflatable sex doll she must be there ready at any time to satisfy his sexual needs. Millions of women in Islamic countries have no choice, but you have. The only thing that is enchaining you is your fear.
There is not a day that I don’t receive an email from a woman with broken spirit who tells me how she fell into the trap of a Muslim man and the ordeals that ensued. There are no happy endings to these marriages.
Your parents don’t own you. They have no right to decide with whom you should marry. They have a duty to you and you have a duty to them. Their duty is to provide for your body, mind and soul – nurture you physically, intellectually and emotionally until you become an adult. Your duty to them is to take care of them when they need you, love them and make their old age enjoyable. But they have no right to pick your husband. If they do, they are overstepping their boundaries, and violating your rights.
Avoid travelling with them out of the country. Never go back to your country of origin for any reason, even if your loving grandma is in her death bed, desperately calling your name. They could trap you there and force you to marry someone you don’t like. Finish your studies and get out of their home. If you can get out of their home now and live in the university campus do so. If this Hindu guy is the right man for you, marry him. If you fear your parents may do something silly, like honor kill you, move to another city and make sure they don’t find you. If they suffer it is their problem. You should not feel guilty for their errors. They must realize that you are not their property. Their suffering is self-induced. They can unchain themselves from Islam and stop suffering. But you should not remain chained because they are unwilling and fearful to break theirs.
You are nobody’s property – not your parents’, not your husband’s, and not God’s. You are born free to live free. Let only your conscience and the Golden Rule dictate your life.


Burka Barbies and Prayer Rooms

Islam is a total civilization which includes politics, war, a “legal code” (Sharia) and a religion. Its purpose is to exert control over the totality of the adherent’s life, every aspect of existence is subservient to the demands of Islam. Submission is a key concept in Islam. Adherents of this ideology (of which religion is but a part) must submit to the commands of Allah and the commands and example of Mohammed, Allah’s prophet. Allah is found in the Koran, the commands and example of Mohammed are found in the Sira (Mohammed’s biography) and the Hadith (The “Way of Mohammed”; words and deeds of Mohammed as reported by contemporaries). Mohammed’s words and deeds are called “Sunna”, everything that Mohammed did or said is the “right” thing to do – it doesn’t matter what it was (what we non-Muslims would consider good or bad) it’s all “good”. This is the moral code of Islam – follow the example of Mohammed and the commands of Allah.

The word “Islam” means “submission”; an adherent of the ideology of Islam is “one who submits”. There are many concerns that the West has with Islam most recently violent jihad against non-Muslims by a US Army officer, a devout Muslim. The concept of “submission” is always at the forefront of our relations with Islam both here at home and abroad. Islam requires that everyone, even non-Muslims, submit to Islam and Sharia law.

“Fighting in Allah’s Cause” (jihad) is mentioned almost 150 times in the Koran. This is the process by which adherents of this ideology make the unbelievers submit to Islam. Jihad is a requirement for every adherent, there is no option or “out” or excuse; everyone must participate, this is the command of Allah and Mohammed.

Islam believes that non-belief in Allah and Mohammed is a horrible sin worse even than murder. The mission of Islam is to “cleanse the world” of unbelief and bring the entire world under Islamic control, under Islamic religion and Sharia law. In countries that are not Islamic this process of eliminating the unbelief in the society is done in stages (see Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, Accepting Freedom or Imposing Islam?). Constant pressure for concessions and legitimization upon the host society by Islam and its dhimmi apologists is part of this process.

Most recently pressure is being exerted by CAIR on the school department of Lewiston, Maine. It does not matter that almost a month ago several United States Congressmen and women called for an investigation of CAIR;

Reps. Sue Myrick (R-N.C.), John Shadegg (R-Ariz.), Paul Broun (R-Ga.) and Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), citing the book Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America, called for the House sergeant at arms to investigate whether CAIR had been successful in placing interns on key panels. The lawmakers are specifically focused on the House Homeland Security Committee, Intelligence Committee and Judiciary Committee.

It does not matter that CAIR is now under a cloud of suspicion for various questionable activities and associations – what matters is that the pressure continues; so it does. That is the mission, after all.

A national Muslim civil rights organization (CAIR) has filed a formal request with the Lewiston School Department to allow a middle school student to pray on school property. The group also wants Lewiston to modify existing policy and provide “constitutionally protected religious accommodation,” such as a designated prayer room. (SunJournal)

It is not clear as to the nature of the “religious accommodation” that the school department of Lewiston is required to deliver, according to CAIR. There is however the matter of the United States Constitution and juristic precedent that requires the separation of church and state. We take this aspect of our political and cultural lives very seriously in the United States, remember?

We asked Mr. David Gaubatz co-author of the recent explosive and disturbing book about CAIR, Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America to comment about the current situation in Maine:

CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood acting as “CAIR”) and their supporters are calling for prayer time/areas in schools simply to implement various aspects of Sharia law (Islamic law) in America. Silent prayers by Muslims is allowed in Islam when they are away from a mosque. During my visits to over 200 Islamic Centers only about 10 -25% of the Muslims even attend Friday prayers as they are obligated to do. Men only; Women, according to most Islamic scholars are not allowed to visit the mosques without their fathers/husbands permission. This implementation of prayer at school is a gradual process of Sharia and once implemented will be difficult to undo.

CAIR’s four “requests” are to allow prayer, modify school policy, institute training and protect Aden from retaliation. The 2nd “request” requires that “the school department institute diversity training for school staff.” Why would such “training” be required, because the school department did not submit to CAIR’s demands? What kind of “diversity training” would the staff be forced to take? What would the purpose of such “training” be? Would the school personnel be allowed to choose the kinds of “diversity training” they will be forced to receive, or will only CAIR-sponsored “training” be acceptable? Will “diversity training” that presents a balanced view of Islam and CAIR, including jihad and the doctrine of Islam be presented to the victims of the Lewiston school department? The answers are all too obvious to warrant any discussion. (Source: SunJournal)

Mr. Gaubatz added the following regarding CAIR and its purposes:

CAIR does not represent the Muslim people. They have approximately 5100 members across the U.S. There are an estimated 1.5 to 8 million Muslims in America. 5100 is hardly a representation. The Muslim Brotherhood represent such terrorist groups as Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah to name a few. CAIR will use tactics such as extortion, intimidation, threats, and lawsuits to achieve their goals. School officials and elected officials who allow a terrorist sponsor to guide our innocent children should resign. I ask Americans to go to their public libraries. CAIR supports a convicted terrorist (Ali Al Timmimi) and with the funding from Saudi Arabia puts Timmimi materials in our public libraries. The book which appears innocent from the cover is actually a deceptive tool used by the Muslim Brotherhood. Americans need only review the backgrounds of the editors and authors of this book (An Illustrated Guide to Islam). Major Hasan from Ft. Hood studied from the same Islamic scholars listed in this book.

There is no requirement for any US school department to provide “prayer rooms” for Muslim students, Jewish students or Christian students, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Bhuddists, etc. The separation of church and state is well established in American political and legal tradition; demands by any pressure group should not be allowed to overturn this important American tradition, which is a foundation of our democracy. Parents who want their students to receive a particular religious or doctrinal training must take them to private schools or teach them at home. They must accommodate the schools, not the other way ‘round.

The purpose of demanding accommodation from the school department of Lewiston, Maine is to make the kafir (non-believer) government and culture submit to Islam and Sharia law. Accommodation to Islam should be opposed by every American who loves freedom and justice. We ought not to have tolerance for intolerance and ideologies of submission and brutality. Our tolerance for intolerance is a fundamental mistake with 9/11 and Fort Hood being the most egregious examples of the extreme danger that such tolerance creates for non-Muslims.

Our tolerance for intolerance is widespread, and pervasive. This ridiculous “idiot compassion” and political correctness is a front for multiculturalism; we will not say when something is entirely wrong and objectionable for fear of “hurting somebody’s feelings” this is the “touchy-feely” 80s and 90s pop culture found its way into our intellectual and spiritual life; utterly corrupting them. Political correctness must be rooted out and destroyed. Those who defend political correctness and multiculturalism should be shamed and called out for the ignorant enemies of truth and scholarship that they are.

An auction will soon be held at Sotheby’s auction house for… Save the Children (!!) in which burka clad Barbie dolls will be sold. The manufacturer of “barbie dolls”, Mattel, is supporting this “effort.”

There is a serious problem here: the burka is a symbol of the subjugation of women. It is not something that civil society anywhere in the West should tolerate or allow, and young girls should never be taught by any stupid company (Mattel) or doll designer or ideological propagandist that being forced to cover one’s self from head to toe because Mohammed said so is “OK”.

This is a small matter but symptomatic of our cultural and societal denial of Islam and its ideology of submission and control. Nothing could be more anathema to American societal or political culture than the subjugation of women and the relegation of them to 2nd class citizenship and worse. We do have equality of the sexes in the West, Islam does not. The burka is the symbol of the degraded position of women in Islam – trouble is, Islam wants all women on the planet to wear the burka; not going to happen.

The Sharia law code that adherents of Islam say that they want for themselves and for everybody else – that they must have – allows parents to kill their children and their children’s children. It also allows Muslims to kill non-Muslims (see: Major Hasan, Fort Hood; see: 9/11, etc.) The burka is the clothing of slavery and submission. It should be banned in the United States and across the civilized countries of Europe. The burka is a symbol of an oppressive system of brutality and control that all should oppose.

When do we say STOP? When do we say that we do not want our females covered from head to toe – or any female to be forced to wear such a degrading thing; when do we say that our culture and politics and history are valuable and worthy of protecting and say NO to those who want to deconstruct and supplant the same?

When do we say that we will not submit to Islam or any other totalitarian system of submission and oppression? When do we enforce our laws and say that Sharia law is forever banned on these shores and that those who adhere to an ideology of conquest and intolerance and barbarism cannot come here? When is enough, enough?

A burka-clad Barbie doll is a small matter; it is just more pressure on our culture from Islam and the dhimmis who defend it yet know nothing of it. The matter of Lewiston and the pressures that they now face are another matter entirely.

Please consider calling the Lewiston Public Schools and offer your support. You can ask for Principal Maureen Lachappelle or Lewiston Superintendent Leon Levesque. Tell them that they are not alone and that they don’t have to cave to pressure groups just because they are being pressured; there is much more at stake than “diversity training” and “prayer rooms”.

Web: http://www.lewistonpublicschools.org/~lewiston_School_%20Dept./
Lewiston Schools: Phone: 207-795-4100
You can also contact Mattel, here: http://corporate.mattel.com/contact-us/default.aspx .You can tell them how ignorant they are, and why; and that you won’t be buying any more Barbie dolls because American children who live in freedom don’t wear burkas, nor should anybody else.


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