I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hell was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:8


NEVER FORGET 9/11 and Those who Danced in the Streets

Never forget, this attack was done in the name of ALLAH.

10 years after 9/11, have we changed?…yes we have a Muslim born FÜHRER…?”INSANITY” Islam is winning!!!… and building a VICTORY MOSQUE at Ground Zero.
Islam and Sharia Law are coming to America!!
America is already threatened to become an Islamic country.
First of all most Americans do not understand what is happening. They also do not understand that their own Government is turning the USA into an Islamic nation. If anyone is going to stop the Islamification of America it will be too little, too late. Some Americans will realize this eventually, and then some of them may start rebelling, burning down mosques in their neighborhoods, driving out or killing Muslims. Those people who try to stop it in their own neighborhoods will be shot or jailed.
And if it finally does becomes plain to the people what is going on, by that time Islam will be so entrenched in the USA that the people will look to the American Government to save them – but it won’t because it’s the Government that caused it to happen in the first place.
The vast majority of people will do nothing at all except “go along to get along” – either convert to Islam or become Dhimmis under Sharia Law.
And that is how the US is going to become an Islamic country.

Islam is NOT a religion, it’s a Radical-Ideology!

Those pieces of SHIT were dancing in the Streets.

You want to see Islam in practice? Just see the video below. These people are just pure Evil!

Remembering 9/11 Ten Years on

Today is the 10th anniversary of the dastardly attacks on America by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001. More people have died in attacks by Islamic militants around the world than Americans since 9/11. It was, therefore, not an attack on America alone, but it was an attack on our collective progressive humanity globally.


Today is, therefore, an occasion to remember those, who perished in the 9/11 attacks, as well as those who have become victim of Islamic terrorism around the world over these years. It’s also an occasion to assess how we have progressed in battle against Islam’s assault on humanity.

The result-card is not very encouraging. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have lingered longer on than any major war in modern history; The United States alone has spent 4 trillion in those wars, but little real success has been achieved. As far as taming Islamic radicalism is concerned, those wars have achieved little. Arab Springs in the Middle East and North Africa are becoming new springboards for fuelling Islamic radicalism further. In the battle fields, we have achieved nothing except spending colossus sum of money, and wasting thousands of valuable lives.

But we can only measure some success in the battle of ideas, in the front of truth-telling about Islam. The world is much more aware today about where lies the root of Islamic radicalism and terror. Truth-telling about Islam over past years has enlightened large number of Muslims about the troubles with Islam. The number of Muslim apostates are growing at an exponential rate. If we can hold on for another ten years and continue the battle of truth-telling about Islam, we will be standing a very strong ground to fight and bring down Islam.

Humanity’s ultimate salvation in face of Islam’s long-lasting assault doesn’t lie in the battlefields of Iraq or Afghanistan, not in guns, tanks, drones, bombs or even nuclear weapons. It lies in the battle of enlightening the Muslim mind. And we have made considerable progress. Let us hope that we can press on and let not the sacrifice of victims of the 9/11 attacks, as well as of those who have fallen victim to Islam since its founding, go waste.


Will Islam Kill Multiculturalism, the Greatest Experiment of Human History?


Multiculturalism -- Watch out for your nemesis, Islam

The Enlightened modern West has created the Greatest Civilization humanity is yet to know. We have invited into our countries tens of millions of people from 5200 different nations, tribes, clans, ethnic origins, religions, religious sects etc. They emigrate and live their lives in freedom and equality. They practice their customs and religion without interference. We grant them full protection of the Rule of Law. Citizenship is offered with very few, if any, restrictions. Unlike the Roman Empire which used to bring people acquired by conquest to their cities as slaves, the modern West has welcomed immigrants as free and dignified residents and citizens from all corners of the world. Such an integration of humanity on such a grand scale has never been attempted in the history of mankind.

It is rightfully stated that the greatest generation was the generation that fought the Second World War. As citizen soldiers, they came from the farms, towns, villages, cities aged 17, 18, 19 … to sacrifice their lives to save our civilization from the threat of Nazi/Fascist racial dictatorships. Furthermore, after that great victory, these patriots were immediately plunged into defending the freedom of Western Civilization from the totalitarian ideology of Communism.

WE, their descendents, by bringing together the people of the world into our cities, neighborhoods and schools, are the next great generation in history. The evolution of mankind has instilled in us a FEAR of other humans, who are different from us – different races, tribes, religions. This survival mechanism was instilled through millions of years of evolution. Overcoming this deeply ingrained fear of the different other was never easy. Our willingness to attempt this great project – the integration of the world – is the greatest endeavor of our time. It is both heroic and historic.

During the Cold War, we welcomed millions of East Europeans who fled Communism for democracy and freedom. At no time did we ever have to worry about them blowing up planes or buses and subways. They brought their culture/customs and integrated into our society. We have invited millions of Asian peoples to live as equal citizens offering them and their children the American dream. Hispanics have poured into the country in huge numbers bringing with them their unique culture. Although there are problems with this massive influx, Hispanics do not pose a danger to democracy and freedom. They are not a threat to the constitution or the rule of law. Hispanics will integrate into the United States and the best of their culture will merge with the existing culture making it stronger and better. There are millions of Hindus and Buddhists living in the West worshipping in their temples in total equality and freedom.

Unfortunately, there are some amongst these invited others, who -- instead of getting down on their hands and knees and kiss the soil of their new homeland, instead of welcoming with open arms the freedom and democracy, equality and human rights, being offered to them -- want to destroy the very foundation of Western Civilization. It need not mention that this peculiar group of immigrants are Muslims, who have emigrated to the West not to embrace it as such, but with a colonist mindset, who want to conquer our lands by numbers or any other means so as to destroy our democracy and freedom and the rule of law, and imposed their worldview and the Islamic rule of Sharia Law upon us all. All peoples in the country must either convert to Islam, or be subjugated to it and adopt the superiority of the Muslim people and culture. That certainly kill Multiculturalism experiment!

To understand the destruction Islam has wrought on the world, the obliteration of peoples and cultures, we only have to look at the conquest of Persia in the 7th century, one among the top-two great civilizations of the time. The Persians were destroyed as a people. Their culture was laid to waste. Their religion Zoroastrianism was decimated from millions to 20,000 adherents. Persians are a pathetic shadow of their conquered ancestors.

Before, there was a West and there was an East. Muslims fell upon the East in a bloody onslaught unmatched in history. Some 80 million Hindus and 10 million Buddhists perished in the Islamic holocaust. Before, there was a West and there was a South. Muslims destroyed the great black civilizations of Africa. Some 120 million blacks were murdered by their Muslim conquerors. Before there was a West and there was a Middle East that was heavily Christianized. From Egypt to Iraq, Syria to Lebanon, to Turkey -- 60 million Christians were slaughtered and the survivors forced to live in dhimmi subjugation. And the West was not left untouched either. Islam put its greatest effort at destroying the West, but failed – Islam’s only past failure. But Islam may just succeed in achieving the same, in making good of its past failures vis-à-vis the West, if we fail to protect and defend our democracy.


Today, we no longer have to worry about Islamic armies invading the West. While most Westerners and non-Muslims may feel that Islamic terrorism, probably a nuclear one, is the greatest danger of Islam we face today, greater is the danger that we may lose our freedoms bit by bit through the slow process of Islamification of our polity and way of life. Thus, our generation today are engaged in another deadly struggle to defend Western Civilization against the onslaught of the 7th century ideology of barbaric Islam, based on the Quran. This battle is waged by our enemy quietly which our people, our politicians and the military have no clue about or are just ignoring.

It is high time for us to acknowledge and face the cold, hard reality that Islam is an antithetical ideology that threatens our democracy and freedom. Our society is slowly getting assimilated to Islam; Muslims are not assimilating into our democracy and freedom. It is not us who must change. Democracy and freedom, equality of all peoples, the rule of law, and our democratic constitution are non-negotiable. We must demand that Muslims abandon Islam or embrace our secular ethos of the separation of religion and state. We don’t have to try to be Mr. Nice Guy and be politically correct. We must unabashedly and resolutely demand this from whoever comes to our shore.

But our leaders, so far, have failed in demanding that. And by so doing, the West is paving its own downfall. Through the fear of offending others, through appeasement -- the West is creating the prospect of a greater war or the destruction of our civilization. In this context, Winston Churchill’s House of Commons speech on May 2, 1935 is relevant:

“Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong - these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.”

It is foresight and resolve like that of Churchill’s which helped us win the Second World War against the Nazis. We could learn similar lesson from the West’s Cold War against Communist Russia that was an “Evil Empire” by Ronald Reagan.

We must also remember and preferably understand that Islam is greater and more resolute enemy than others, and no less resolve and straightforwardness will work against it. If we fail in that, it is not only the greatest experiment of Multiculturalism, but also the greatest achievements of human civilization – our liberty, democracy and human rights – will all be lost.


Jake Neuman is the author of “Islam and Sharia Law Are Treason: Jihad Is Treason” (free download). His book ISLAM -- EVIL IN THE NAME OF GOD was banned in Malaysia.

The Audacity of Muslims in the USA

Muslims are trampling upon the US flags on American streets with the shouts of "Allahu Akbar", and even replacing American flag with the Saudi flags in educational institutions....

On one evening, I was searching for videos in Youtube to find out how Islam is progressing in America. Suddenly, I landed upon a video, entitled “Muslims in America”. The audacity of Muslims living in the US amazed me.

The video shows a demonstration by US Muslims against the USA. The US national flag are seen to be trampled upon by Muslim protesters with the shouts of “Allahu Akbar”, “La Ilaha Illalah, Muhammadur Rasullah” and so on. White Americans are seen to quietly watch the show, none protesting the disgrace of their national flag. While this is possibly covered under the freedom of expression in Western countries, it nonetheless reflects upon the attitude and audacity of Muslims, despite small mainly immigrant community in America.

I have been amazed to see another incident, reported by the Daily Mail on 6 Sept. 2011, that took place in an elementary school in Colorado, where someone, most probably a Muslim, had lowered the American national flag and a Saudi flag was placed above the US flag.

Someone has replaced and lowered the American flag with the flag of Saudi Arabia.

The US won the Cold War with the fall of communism in Soviet Russia and emerged as the lone superpower in the world. But in the face of Muslim audacity, superpower America look like a paper tiger, whose honor and dignity is trampled upon by its own Muslim residents.

Arif Alikhan

Saudi flag placed above American flag in Colorado school
Saudi flag above American flag in Colorado school

In his article, “America sleep tight! The foxes are guarding the hen house”, Ali Sina describes how the important US departments, like the Department of Homeland security, are going under the grip of devout Muslims. He writes, “The wolves will be herding the sheep! … Obama and Janet Napolitano appointed Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim, as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano swore in Kareem Shora, a devout Muslim, who was born in Damascus, Syria, as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). ... Has anyone ever heard a new government official being identified as a devout Catholic, a devout Jew or a devout Protestant…?”

So, there is no doubt that these developments encourage the Muslims for intensify their jihadi activities.


An Islamic Strategy - HOW TO USE AMERICA versus AMERICA

Europe have recently witnessed riots and protests from the Muslim immigrants who have legally entered their country. The policy is simple and well tried and successful … as it has been in the case of India.The ideology of Islam is to Islamise all the countries of the world.

They are attacking America now…How they will invade America is explained as follows.

The Strategy
You may have noticed, that the media in the US is pro-Islamist these days. Any American who is vocal about his/her concerns for the well being of this great nation, is labeled as communal….and his argument is dismissed as “Islamophobia” . You will realize how they have a complete hold on the media. This is the first step.
The next step is to get into the judicial and political system of the country. While the media is used to brainwash people regarding the plight of minority Muslims, a lot of money is also spent to hire local Americans (in media and politics) who fight for the equal rights and religious rights of Muslim minorities. The local Americans are however those people who try to project the liberal side of America. The law and the political system is used to make this convenient. Amendments are made in the law of the land to legally have a representative of Muslims in the country’s parliament.
The next step is to use the law to declare innocent those Muslims who are under suspicion of terrorist acts or have been convicted and are serving a sentence, or are under trial. The law here is again used to relieve them of sentences and they are declared innocent. In this process, people who were responsible (cops, judges, lawyers, etc) for arresting these criminals, the ones who risked their lives to book the guilty are humiliated by either being dismissed from their duty and/or they are accused of falsely implicating muslims as criminals.
At the same time, they use their influence to distort the history of the country. Claims are made that Islam became popular because it is a religion of peace. History books in schools and colleges have chapters singing praises of how Islamic rulers and clerics influenced your country in a positive manner. However, the original historical heroes of the country who contributed and built the nation are projected in poor light. This is done to humiliate the local people of everything that they have been so proud of in the history of that nation. Watch out. It won’t be long before the Muslims claim that America was originally an Islamic country, and people of other faiths are actually immigrants so they should either leave America or revert to Islam.

As the number of Muslims grow in a country, their very next step is to present themselves as a vote bank. No politician would like to lose a large vote bank. This is how they get political backing. The Muslims use this as a tool to make amendments in the law of the land once they have their representative in the parliament.
Another aspect that is really worked hard upon is the ‘conversion to Islam’ factor. Islam is glamorized. False propaganda is circulated where they claim that thousands and thousands of people are converting to Islam. You will hear their propaganda that Islam is spreading like wild fire and people are submitting to Islam. Actually the fact is, that after 9/11 many Muslims have given up Islam and converted to other religions because they were ashamed of being Muslims and following the ideology of destruction and hate (this aspect is however never highlighted by them). In the US itself there are several organizations that have ex-Muslims who are educating the rest of the world about the real ideology of Islam. See YouTube. You will find several videos showing people converting to Islam, but the videos showing Muslims converting to other religions are flagged and removed. Please Google for these organizations that have ex-Muslims. Their statements should be valid enough for anyone to wake up.

The War Today
A majority of people who are being converted into Islam these days in USA are the African Americans….especially those from the ghettos and with criminal backgrounds. This is being done on purpose. Also being targeted are the illegal Mexican immigrants. Islamist know the history of America and how the Africans came to USA. These people are shown “Islam as a religion of tolerance and brotherhood”. They are told, “they will regain their pride and dignity if they embrace Islam. Islam will give them the equality that the white Americans always denied them and suppressed them”. Using Islam as a tool, these converts are now being brainwashed into believing that they must fight the Jihad for Allah. They will use the frustrations of African Americans against the White Americans. This is how they are going to use America versus America in their Jihad!!!

This is war, my friends……….this IS “THE WAR”.

Open your eyes….before it is too late. ?


What if the Muslims win the 3rd World War (their Global Jihad)?

Before we get down to this subject let us make it clear that we are opposed to all forms of fanaticism - religious or otherwise. While all fanaticism is negative; fanaticism that is based on religion is the most virulent and among the fanatics of various religions, the Muslims are the most violent and cruel.

The impelling reason to focus on Muslims is that they are psychologically the most organized worldwide into one community 'Ummah'. Again it is they who are day-by-day becoming a threat to world peace. Hence we look at the scenario in the event of the remote possibility of an Islamic victory over the rest of the world in an unfortunate but probable Third World War.

In this scenario people all across the world would be given a choice of submitting to Islam or be treated as second class citizens (by wearing a badge to identify themselves as non-Muslims as is being done today in that "ideal" Islamic society of Taliban ruled Afghanistan). In addition they would have to pay the penal tax (Jaziya) to the Muslim rulers. The honour of their womenfolk would always be in danger of being violated by the Mujahideen and Ghazis (Islamic warriors). The lives of non-Muslims would always be in peril and at the mercy of the whims of the Muslim rulers, who would have a perpetual and perennial hatred of the non-Muslims.

In addition to this day-to-day real-life scenario, in the regular cases of the waves of more acute fanaticism that would sweep the world ruled only by Muslims; the non-Muslims would be given the choice of embracing Islam or be killed by the more zealous among the fanatical Muslim rulers of the globe. This possibility is based on the experiences today in different parts of the globe under Muslim rule and also from other parts of the globe that came under the intermittent sway of the Islamic armies in the 14 centuries since the year 632 C.E., like Spain, Portugal, Greece, Serbia and Kosovo, Croatia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, et al.

On the contrary if, during the Islamic rule all across the globe, we gave up our religions (or lack of religion) and embraced Islam, the scenario would be like this:

1) Our role-models would be cruel war-mongers who would keep having bloody fights with each other even after the entire world population is converted to Islam.

This is based on the observed fact today that a majority of the Muslims (who take to the streets) across many countries, lionize and idolize extremists and war-mongers like Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Zawahiri, Samir Kuntar, Zarqawi, et al, but not progressive and constructive reformers like Ataturk or the former King Amanullah of Afghanistan.

2)We would be living in theocratic dictatorship all across the world. There would be no democracy, no elections and no public accountability for any act. The only arbiter would be the Quranic prescriptions for all times in the future.

This is so since today most of the Muslim majority countries cannot sustain democracies. Except Turkey, and Egypt, no Muslim majority country has a sustained democratic tradition. But most Muslim populations look up upon Islamic dictatorships or monarchies.

The list of such theocratic dictatorships would include Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan (despotic monarchies), Syria, Iraq, Chad, (dictatorships) Iran (nominal democracy under strain from clerics), Kuwait (nominal democracy under emirate), UAE, North Yemen (and occupied South Yemen which had a sort of democratic set up earlier), Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria (Military rule of secularized military), Malaysia (civilian dictatorship of Mahathir Mohammed), Indonesia (fledgling democracy), Pakistan, Bangladesh (spells of democratic rule and military dictatorships), Central African Republic (kingdom of former "Emperor"; Bokassa), Uganda (a Christian majority country that had a taste of Islamic dictatorship under Idi Amin), Afghanistan (theocratic dictatorship of the Taliban), etc.

3) There would be ill-treatment of women, Women would not be allowed to have an education, pursue any career. Men would be forced to wear turbans and grow beards.

This possibility is based on the observation today that a majority of the Muslim countries do not give equal rights to women like education, free-movement, driving, apparel, and even participation in mass-prayers in the mosques alongside their menfolk, (no doubt the scripture will be quoted to explain this, but this is the reality). The hijab, Chador or burqua (veil and full length gown) for women is still a common feature in Islamic societies.

In the ideal Islamic society of Talibanized Afghnaistan adult men are forced to grow a beard and wear the prescribed Islamic dress, they cannot sport normal (Western) hairstyles and even students above the age of three are forced to wear turbans.

4) We would have to send our kids to get the highly jaundiced and narrow scrap of education in religious schools that would teach only the Quran.

This is based on the observation today that a majority of the devout Muslims in the Islamic world prefer talim (religious education) in Madrasas (Muslim theological schools) as against professional education.

5) There would be no respect for human rights and no freedom of thought and expression. Anyone speaking out against Islam or the Quran or the Prophet would be punished with death. Flogging and stoning to death, cutting off of the limbs would be the prescribed punishments for common crimes like stealing.

This is based on the observation today that some leading and vocal Muslim organisations and some governments in power, practice the politics of fatwah (Muslim religious decree) of death towards those who express themselves against Islam. A Muslim who publicly declares that he is no longer a Muslim is considered a Murtad and he is punishable by death (although there are various interpretations of the Koran on this)

6) There would be no public media like the TV, Cable or Internet. Since these would be looked upon as the Satan's tools in corrupting humankind with information and entertainment.

This is based on the observation today when many Muslim sects frown upon mass communication media like the Television. In some instances, TV sets are dumped as an act of piety.

7) The Dictatorial Rulers all over the world would be Muslim Clergymen

This is based on the observation that most Muslims oppose the separation of the State and Clergy. Temporal power is vested in the clergy in most countries in Dar-Ool-Islam or the Islamic world.

8) All aspects of life would be regimented with what is stated in the Quran. There would be no evolution of new laws and in fact no new thoughts

This is based on the observation today where a majority of the Muslim countries prefer some variant of the Sharia i.e. Muslim laws based on the Quran, as against modern civil laws. The Sharia laws include stoning to death, cutting of limbs, castration, etc.

9) Even if you were a Muslim and belonged to a minority sect like the Shias or Ahmediyas, you would be considered to be an infidel or heretic and be subject to harassment.

This is based on the observation today where a majority of the Sunnis (a majority sect among the Muslims) look upon the Shias as heretics. So also are the other smaller Islamic sects.

10)There would be no scope at all for having any opinion, idea, innovation outside the Quran-al-sharif or anything that is considered non-islamic. This would in fact freeze all progress.

This is based on the observation today where most Muslims look upon anything non-islamic as Kufr and Jahiliyat (infidel, ignorance) and also the entire non-islamic world as Dar-ul-Harb (literally 'Hostile zone') or the Infidel world. And anything that even a Muslim chooses to do, which is frowned upon by the clergy, is considered as Haram (illegitimate).

11) There would be a complete ban on dance, music and entertainment.

This is based on the observation today where most devout Muslims spend all their spare time in reading the verses of the Quran and in Namaaz (mass invocation of Allah). Their minds are closed to anything outside the Quran. They live an insular life and shun socializing with non-Muslims. The Taliban rule in Afghanistan epitomizes what an "ideal" Islamic society the World over would look like.

12) Aggressive, quarrelsome attitudes would be a common feature of human behavior and social relations would be perpetually violent whether at the family level, local area level, province level, national level or global level. The crime rate would be high. The all Muslim world society would be perpetually at war with itself.

This is based on the observation today where most of the criminals (in non-Muslim countries) are Muslims. Muslims are also dominant in global terrorism. Even at the national level they (Iraq, Libya, etc) specialize in the making of chemical weapons of mass destruction. Soon the nuclear capability that is today limited to Pakistan will proliferate to the Arab and rest of the Muslim world and we shall soon see a mushrooming of small rogue states armed with nuclear capable missiles that would bedevil the rest of the non-Islamic world.

Even as organisations Islamic gangs would terrorize the world. Examples of such gangs are the Al Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Muslim Brotherhood , Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Harkat-ul-Mujahedeen, Hizb-ul-Mujahedeen, Jaish-e-Mohammedi, Abu Sayyaf, etc

Thus a victory for the Muslims over the rest would spell doomsday for humankind, it would mean the end of all technological progress. In fact, for the thinking species of Human beings, an Islamic victory would mean the end of meaningful human existence. A scenario, where we would still have our capability to think, to innovate and to progress; but we would not be allowed to use any of our human faculties. This would be even worse than the scenario had the Nazis won the 2nd World War.

This is the logical scenario in case of a victory for the Islamic Jehad over all non-Islamic people across the globe. In this scenario, the ultimate saviour of humanity would have to come forth from within Islam itself. A saviour who would repudiate Islam and re-establish a civilized human way of life.

But till then it would be a frightful existence under the twilight of Islam, with no hope for the future. It is for these reasons among others, why the rest of the world (including some modernized Muslims) look askance at the growing clout of the Muslim clergy over the Ummah i.e. the general Muslim populace. And the resultant growing disturbances that Muslims cause in areas where they live alongside non-Muslims - like Chechnya, Macedonia, Egypt (Coptic Christians), Southern Sudan, Ethiopia/Eritrea, Southern Philippines (Mindanao), Indonesia (Malaku), Kashmir (India), Israel, etc.

In fact even many modernized (non-Islamized) Muslims are scared to death to speak their mind about Islamic orthodoxy, even after having lived in the West for more than one generation.

But some time or the other one has to address these issues in the context of freedom of thought and action for a future liberal democratic society the world over; and in the larger context of saving human civilization from the mortal danger it faces today from the growing strength of Islamic Terrorism of JIHAD.

The cardinal fact is that across the fourteen centuries of Islam's existence, it has been its death threat that converted people to Islam and it was the same death threat that kept them Muslim. The same death threats are used today to intimate Ayan Hirsi Ali, Salman Rushdie and many others like them to keep them from speaking the truth about Islam.

He who was born by the sword shall die by the sword

Modifying the age-old adage "He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword." We can say that "Islam which was born by the sword shall die by the sword" As it was a death threat that made people into Muslims and kept them as Muslims, the only way these scum can be shaken out of their adherence to the savagery called Islam is a death threat. Not individual death threats as the Muslims hurl today at Hirsi and Salman, but a death threat of extermination through a nuclear holocaust of the entire Muslim population across the globe!

Only when the beastlike Muslims see the determination of a world to do them in, upto their last man and woman, can the Ummah of Islam be smashed.

When the Muslims see that there is no option other than death, if they persist in remaining Muslim, will the fort of Islam be breached and once the first trickle of Muslims who renounce Islam starts, the trickle will turn into a flood and an avalanche that will wipe out Islam.

Yes there will certainly be many Muslims who will try to kill those who renounce Islam, but when these murderers are themselves hunted down with equal ferocity, will the lay Muslims believe that it is safe for them to give up Islam. Then and only then, shall we see Muslims coming over in droves to give up Islam. But this can happen only we seriously hurl and start executing a death threat of mass killing of all Muslims across the globe. There are no soft options here.

Do we have it in us to do that?

The answer decides whether civilization wins or Islam wins!


* For those uninitiated, PBUH expands to Perpetual Battle Upon Hagarism (Islam) - founded by the mass-murderer and pedophile pretender prophet Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah (Yimach Shmo - May his name and memory be obliterated).



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Unholy Alliance : Radical Islam and the American Left by David Horowitz

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Unfortunately for humankind, the end of the death-seeking fiery cult of Islam can only come about through a fiery death-giving weapon. Ironically such nuclear mushroom clouds would be the blazing hell-fire that the Quran talks about and acknowledges will bring about an end to Islam such that there will be no one across the globe to say "Lah ilah il Allah, Mohammed ur Rasoolallah" (There is no god but allah and Mohammed is his prophet).


Osama Bin Laden Is Dead but the Threat of Islam Lives On


In the divine code of the Quran, Osama bin Laden and all like-minded Muslim terrorists of our time are pious Muslims, fulfilling the divine orders of Allah so as to bring almighty Allah's wrath upon the Kafirs (unbelievers).

They are following the divine teachings of the Quran and Sunna of Prophet Muhammad. In Islam, Kafirs are a sub-human species; and if they refuse to embrace Islam, they can be exterminated, tortured, terrorized, raped and enslaved. These are not crimes, but holy duties of Muslims, which guarantee them access to Islamic Paradise, a whore filled with numerous celestial virgins for the blessed Jihadis to indulge in eternal copulations. The Quran sanctified these barbaric acts; Prophet Muhammad initiated and practiced it; and Osama bin Laden and Jihadi Muslims piously obeying the true, blue Islam. This is a cold hard reality of Islam and our failure to understand, or attempt to ignore, it will work to the detriment of our life, liberty and civilization. It’s that simple.

Islam is a totalitarian political ideology with no separation of the mosque and state. Sharia law governs all and very aspects of life and society. There is no free will in Islam: only submission to the will of Allah. Violence is an eternal canonical imperative for establishing and maintaining the supremacy of Islam.

Osama bin Laden, and 19 Jihadi foot-soldiers involved in the 9/11 attacks succeeded in achieving beyond their wildest dreams. Through the successful attacks on 9/11, they not only jolted America and the West, but it has also awakened the slumberous common Muslims, who have since embarked on the Islamization and conquest of the West by one means or another. If this Islamization process is not halted, history will record 9/11 attacks of 2001 as the beginning of the end of the Western Civilization. Make no mistake about this!

With the death of Osama bin Laden, politicians and media pundits have been busy declaring victory in the war against Islamic terrorism. They are now calling moderate Muslims to rise up and take back Islam from the clutch of radical Islamists, who, they claim, have usurped Islam, a peaceful religion, and turned it into a terrorist ideology. President Obama have emphasized repeatedly that the US is not at war with Islam but only radical Islam. But for the edification of the president, in the eyes of Islam, Osama bin Laden was a good, devout, pious Muslim, who simply tried to enact what Islam’s teachings as enshrined in the Quran, the Muslim holy book, and in the Hadith and Sira, Prophet Muhammad’s life-examples, considered ideal for Muslims at all times and places.

President Obama justified the killing of Osama, because he had killed thousands including Muslims, therefore suggested that he was not a Muslim. Then, Prophet Muhammad, too, would be deemed a non-Muslim, because he had ordered nearly 100 raids and massacres, and had personally participated in 27 of them, and himself engaged in beheadings and raping infidel women. So, Osama bin Laden is nothing when compared to the murderous record of Prophet Muhammad.

And, what about all the nonsense that Muslims don't kill Muslims! Muhammad had killed his own followers, who had failed to follow to his commands and who deserted Islam. Throughout history, Muslims have killed and murdered Muslims. It is estimated that 11 million Muslims have been killed by fellow Muslims since 1948. When there is no rule of law, no-one is safe.

Osama was obeying the divine orders of God to strike terror into heart of the kafir societies that refuse to submit to Islam. Osama was simply a good old Muslim man of the league of Prophet Muhammad and numerous Muslim heroes thereafter, obeying the commandments of God. There was no misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the teachings of Islam by him whatsoever, nor any hijacking and perverting its teachings. He was as much a Muslim as Prophet Muhammad was a Muslim. If you deny the Muslimness of Osama, you have to deny Muslimness of Prophet Muhammad as well.

Obama is right to say that we are not at war with Islam. Instead, Islam has brought war upon us through the 9/11 attacks. Indeed, Islam has been at war with non-Muslim humanity for the past 1400 years. And make no mistake about the reality we face; Osama’s death means nothing. The forces he unleashed on 9/11 are destroying the West from within. We will be on the losing end of history if we do not defend our civilization: our democracy and freedom, which we have achieved and have been defended by the life and blood of millions of valiant martyrs. If we do nothing, Osama will be enjoying the last laugh in his grave.

In my book, “Islam and Sharia Law Are Treason: Jihad Is Treason” (free download), readers will learn much more about the fundamental doctrines of Islam, its threat to civilized societies and creeping Islamization of the West by various violent and nonviolent Islamist fringe groups and organizations as well as by self-destructive apologists. The message of this book is succinct and clear: Destroy the Quran by exposing its true message and teachings, or let us be destroyed by it.


Jake Neuman's book "ISLAM -- EVIL IN THE NAME OF GOD" has been banned in Malaysia.


Constitutions of Islamic Countries: From Contradiction to Practical Discriminations and Inequities

In Islamic constitutions, the declaration of Islam as the "state religion" not only turns the declaration of "equality of all citizens" contradictory, but also leads to state-sanctioned practical discrimination and inequities against members of non-Islamic faiths.

In a previous article, I showed that there is a clear contradiction in a state constitution that adopts Islam as the religion of the state, and simultaneously adopts the premise of equality of all its citizens. I have shown that such a constitution establishes state-institutionalized affirmative discrimination against all citizens, who do not believe in or belong to the “official” and “constitutional” form of Islam, adopted by that state.

If a state wants to treat all of its citizens equally and adopts Islam as the religion of the state, then that state has to adopt all the religions and belief systems of each and every citizen as the “state religion” as well. When a state adopts only one religion as the state religion, it automatically declares inequality of its citizens, belonging to a different religion or belief system. Islamic constitutions dignify Islam as the state religion, ignoring others. Inequities lie in this fact itself, whereby the state violates premise of “equal citizenry” to all its subjects.

In this article, I try to show how adopting Islam as the state religions leads to practical discrimination, inequity and violation of the rights of citizens belonging to other faiths. At the end of this article, I try to offer a commonsense approach to eliminate such a contradiction in any “Islamic” constitution.

The Logical Form of the Argument

Constitutions of Islamic countries adopt the following two premises (axioms):

1- Islam is the religion of the state

2- All citizens of the state are equal under the law

Please note that premise (1) excludes all other religions (Baha’i, Ahmadi, Christian, Hindu, etc.) from the privilege of being the “state religion”, from having a “constitutional” status as Islam does.

Thus, premise (1) by itself establishes affirmative discrimination against other religions, different from Islam. This amounts to apriori Constitutional Discrimination. This form of discrimination is easily translated into practical discrimination against citizens of other persuasions of the state. Many examples can be cited. In such a state, apostates of Islam will be hunted down by the state or the mob for punishing with death, because they left the “state religion” Islam, and Islam demands so. Followers of other religions are free to choose any religion of their liking, especially Islam, without fearing the threat of being killed. But the state’s Muslim citizens are deprived of the same right. Sharia, the divine laws of Islam the “state religion”, prohibits non-Muslims from holding public offices. There are many discriminatory practices in Islamic countries, solely because they are Islamic countries. These discriminations are institutionalized by its constitution.

Now let turn to premise (2): “All citizens of the state are equal under the law”. My above analysis shows how premise (1) establishes a contradiction to premise (2). That is to say, premise (1) renders the practice of premise (2) impossible. Hence, premises (1) and (2) establish a contradiction that exists in almost all constitutions of Islamic countries. Implementation of premise (1) turns the implementation of premise (2) null and void.

What is the solution to the contradiction?

Premises (1) and (2) of Islamic constitutions as cited above establish a logical as well as practical contradiction. One cannot believe in a geometric form that is a Circle and a Square at the same time.

When faced with a contradiction in her/his belief system, one has to reconcile this difficulty by eliminating at least one of the factors that causes this contradiction. In our case, we have an easy way out by rejecting one of the two premises mentioned above. In a modern civil state, one cannot but affirm equality of all subjects of the state under a common law. This obviates that fact that constitution’s declaration that “Islam is the religion of the state” is the culprit. It is an assumption (axiom) that has to be rejected in any constitutional civil society (State). In other words, expunging premise (1) from the constitutions of Muslim countries is the only way to out of this farcical contradiction.


In a comment left by one of the readers of my previous article, the commenter wrote about my analysis of certain points in the Jordanian constitution, which is an example of a contradictory constitution that affirms and adopts axioms (1) and (2) above,

Text of the comment below:

[The article (writer is speaking about my previous article on the subject) stopped at the Jordanian second and sixth clauses of the so-called constitution. A couple of years ago, I read the newly approved civil status law in Jordan (in Arabic) as published by local newspapers. Examples of the (sigh) equality given to non-Muslims follow:

  • A married Christian woman who converts to Islam is automatically divorced from her Christian husband (because of the higher status of the Islamic religion over Christianity).
  • A Christian man who converts to Islam automatically converts ALL of his CHILDREN to Islam regardless of their wishes. The wife may remain as Christian because Muslims are allowed to married people of the book (Christians and Jews).
  • There are other laws that prohibit (or restrict) the marriage into women from non people of the book. E.g., Hindus, etc. However, in Islamic sharia these women may be part of sexual unions under the owned-female clauses of Quran.

In Jordan, there are other laws that make it an offence to criticize any aspect of Islam just like the ones you hear about in Pakistan. You would not dare talk to anyone about Islamic religion (especially the ones claiming they want to become Christians) for fear of being agents of salafi or the government.

The latest constitutional changes which were rushed to attempt to placate the restless Jordanians are simply hogwash and cosmetic changes which produce no real changes to add more equality of freedoms. For example, freedom of the press is guaranteed (great you say), but as long as they do not conflict with the norms of society or common decency (uh oh, there goes the guarantee, I say).]

The above comment shows that indeed a constitution of an Islamic country does reject the assumption of equality of its citizens in favor of Islam, thus affirming the fact that a constitution of an Islamic country is no more than a discriminatory belief system that is bigoted in nature.


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