I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hell was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:8


Obama: The Mark of Human Stupidity

I see Obama as a very stupid man and one like him in such a high position spells disaster. He is a narcissist, as I said more than a year ago. This is not good. He has no empathy for the suffering of others. It is all about him and how he is applauded and liked. So he will do everything to elicit applause from gullible folks but he does not care about anything else

Just think about what happened in Iran. Iranians were thrilled that Obama had become president. With the exception of me and a few other people who could see beyond their nose, they thought he will stand with the oppressed. Soon they got a rude awakening that this buffoon does not care about anyone. All he cares is to appease the thugs such as Ahmadinijad and make him agree to not build the atomic bomb and then triumphantly show off how smart he is for doing what others failed to do and receive more applauses. This joker is more naïf than a teenager. Narcissists are magical thinkers. They live in a world of fantasy and believe the world will change because they have willed so.

Wiser people know that you cannot make deals with a bully through appeasement. This imbecile man has even closed the Persian broadcast of the Voice of America, allegedly to save $3,000,000 annually while spending $150,000,000 for his “coronation” and hundreds of thousands of dollars each week launching sumptuous feasts in the White House.

Americans are losing their jobs while Obama’s wife has provided jobs for a staff of no less than 20 people to act as her personal attendants with six figure salareis for each. Not even the Queen has this many attendants. This couple is spending the tax payer’s money like there is no tomorrow. In fact they may be right because once the truth comes out that Obama is not a natural bon American, and has lied under oath when he said he would uphold the Constitution, he will not only be kicked out of the office, but will face criminal charges. If I were the judge I would give him death sentence, preferably burned on a stake in front of the White House, but alas that is not going to happen. This obsolate penalty would have been handy in a situation like this where you have an impostor causig so much damage to the world. Mllions could die because of him as I wil explain bellow. Anyway, jail sentense would be good enough.

Frankly, I am of the opinion that Obama may have had a hand in the death of his Hawaiian grandmother. I got that gut feeling the moment he announced he is going to Hawaii to visit her because she is sick. The thought flashed in my mind that he is going to kill her because he fears she may not be able to keep her mouth shut about the fact that he was not born in Hawaii. That was the time Michelle Obama said his grandmother is doing fine and recovering from her hip injury.

He could have poisoned her with mercury. But of course, there is no way to prove that now. Her body is cremated and the ashes are dispersed. One only can wonder why, when she had a grave lot in the cemetery reserved next to her husband. I cannot say he did it. All evidence is now burned. But I can say I would not dismiss this thought as impossible.
See this video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2935212/obama_poisoned_his_grandmother_this_is_not_a_hoax/

Then there is the mysterious death of Donald Young, who according to Larry Sinclair was an Obama gay lover. Is Sinclair telling the truth? How can we know? This requires investigation but who is going to do that? The only truth that I know is that Obama is a narcissist and as such his past, which he is doing everything to hide, must be full of crime. We will most likely come to learn about many of them when the secrecy is lifted and his cultic image is tarnished. Once Obama's mask falls everything will happen fast. Most of his criems will come to light at once. Orly Taitz has collected a pile of documentations showing this man's numerous criminal activities. All it takes is a court hearing and it will happen sooner or later. The enfatuation is dying and eventualy there will be one honest judge who will call him to account.

To those who don’t know narcissism all this is so outlandish that it sounds like a conspiracy theory of the worst kind. In fact it would be if you accuse any other Amerian president of the things I accuse Obama. But once you know narcissism and come to accept that Obama is one, you’ll not discard anything. A narcissist is capable of all sorts of crimes. How many times have you heard a serial killer caught while his friends and neighbors express shock and say he looked so normal? Obama only looks normal, but he is a mentally sick man. If he is a narcissist, and so far everything points to that assumption, this man is capable of any crime. Today you may insult me for telling these things about your beloved cult leader but tomorrow you will wonder how I knew all these things before most others. The truth is that anyone can see the reality of Obama if he learns about narcissism. This man is an open book.

Narcissists are not truely humans. The human in them is dead a long tome ago and another entity, a false persona has taken over. They are walking zombies.

Children at their tender age need primary caregivers who adore them, spend time with them, play with them and make them feel special and loved. Obama, just like Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Mao, Jim Jones, Charles Manson and Muhammad did not have that.

To counter the feeling of abandonment children escape into a fantasy world, in which they are loved and omnipotent. This is a self defense mechanism that allows the child to cope with his helplessness and rejection.

He is hurt, but to avoid this hurt he invents an imaginary or a false self that is everything that he is not.

Let me quote Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self Love:
“The child is helpless, the false self is omnipotent. The child is confused. He doesn’t know what is happening. He cannot predict the future because everyone keeps vanishing around him. The false self is omniscient. The child is treated as an object by his dearest and nearest. The false self is all powerful and all controlling. The false self protects the child from emotional hurt.

As the child grows and becomes an adolescent, later on an adult, he doesn’t let go of the false self because the false self has served him well.

The false self has been adoptive. It has helped him to function, when otherwise he would have gone mad.

So it is very hard to let go of the false self, and gradually there is a process of body snatching. The false self displaces the true self, snatches the body of the narcissist and inhabits it.

It’s kind of an alien emanation which pervades the narcissist on a cellular level. The narcissist vanishes, and instead there is a mask, a persona, an apparition, something that was concocted by the child at an early phase of his life and later on, this thing destroyed the child and became the only existing entity.

Now, the narcissist knows that this is a false thing. But he tries to convince the rest of the world that the false self is not false at all; that indeed he is omniscient, know-all, omnipotent and has magical powers. Narcissist knows that his personality is a scam, but he tries to convince the rest of the world that it is true. In this sense the narcissist is a deep-set con-artist. The very essence of narcissism is one giant con-artistry.” [Sam Vaknin radio interview with Gordon Liddy, August 15, 2009, http://feeds.radioamerica.org/podcast/GGL/audio/000003_011592.mp3]

That three miser million dollars that Obama cut from Persian VoA was for Iranians their lifeline. It kept them informed about how their revolution was proceeding, which encouraged them to keep fighting to overthrow their ruthless dictators. That was one cent per Aemrican per year. He cut that to save money? No! Obama had a different plan. He did not want to offend the dictators of Iran lest they don’t accept his olive branch. Who will think like that except one who is a narcissist, who lives in his fantasy world and is cut off from reality?

Soon the Islamic regime will have atomic bombs because Obama is too stupid and too inept to stop them. They will pass several of them to their terrorist allies, who will, through the loose borders of Mexico that Obama refuses to close, transport them to USA. A nuclear bomb can be hidden in a suitcase. Once a hundred of them are in place in different major cities across America, one of them will be detonated and several millions of Americans will die. If you are lucky you will be among them. The survivors will have a much worse destiny.

Then, the terrorists will demand total surrender of the government. If their demand is not met witin 24 hourse the next city will be nuked and millions more will die. After a dozen of cities are nuked and a hundred million Americans are thus perished, America will have no choice but to surrender and let the Islamists take over the country.

They will not force you to convert and will promise leniency, but they will impose the Sharia law on everyone. You will be safe as long as you comply. All anti Islam sites and litrature will be destroyed and all the media will be under the control of the Muslims who will teach the children about the "miracles of the Quran". Within one generation the country will become Islamaized.

The same wil be done in Europe, and the rest of the world. This is how Islam has spread everywhere. They killed millions of people and then forced their religion. After one or two generations, their victims also became brainwashed Islamists. George Santayana, said in his Reason in Common Sense, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Then you will kick your self for being so blind and so foolish. Yes you were blind and foolish, but then it will be too late. It is now that you have to wake up and come to your senses not when it is too late.

If you are supporting Obama, you are supporting the spread of Islam. Your ignorance does in no way lessen the damage that you are causing. The road to hell is paived with good intention. All the damge in the world has been caused by good foolish people.

Did I lose you as my fan? I don't give a damn about having fans. I want you to wake up before it is too late. That is the whole reason I am burning my fingers, to save the wrold from its doom. I don't want fans. Thanks heaven I am not a narcissist and not in the search of adulation and narcissistic supplies. Get offended as much as you wnat, but wake up from your slumber because time is running out.

I can see these things happening in five, ten or fifteen years. This is the wet dream of the Islamists and only a fool can afford not to heed to them. That is what the majority of mankind are - fools. Do you recall hiow many people cheered and wetted their pants for Obama all over the world? If not fools what else they are? Today the Germans who cheered for Hitler, the Persians who cheered for Khomeni, and those who hailed for all other infamous narcissists admit they were fools. Tomorrow it will be you and all those who cheered for this empthy suit bufoon to make that admission. Facts are not hard to find. Why is it that we humans refuse to see the truth in front of us and wait until the disaster hit us in the head?

If you are one of the unlucky survivors you will think Ali Sina was prophetic and how sorry you are that you did not listen to his warnings. You let yourself become blinded by your devotion to a narcissist and instead of thinking rationally you became an ardent member of his cult and defended him zealotly. This is how the worshippers of Khomeini acted when I told them they are fools. I was no fan of the shah but I could see the danger that Khomeini posed when others refused to see. I was not smarter than them. I only read his book and familiarized myself with his thinking. They let themselves to be fooled by BBC and the propaganda while i researched the facts. Today they admit that the signs where there but they refused to see them because the sweat promises of that charlatan were so melodious to their ears that they wanted to believe. Let us call a spade a spade: They wanted to be fooled. The same appleis to you my dear. Truth aout Obama is out there. The fact that this man is a charlatan is out there. You don;t want to see, You want to be fooled. His vacuous promises make you feel good. So you surrender your intelligence and believe in his lies. Nothing wil wake you now.

Think about the zombie like devotion of Muslims. Will anythng we say wake them up? No, it will offended them. You get offended by the turth. You are not after the truth. You avoid it. You have found your messiah just like Muslims have found theirs.

Cultists don’t know they are cultists. But how can you know if you are or not? Any time your love and devotion to another man grows to such an extent that you are willing to attack and even insult another person to defend your beloved hero you are a cultist. Your very first email to me gave me the clue that you are a cultist. I receive plenty of angry emails like that from Muslims. I am dealing with cultists and cultic mentality all the time. I can spot a cultist when I see one.

The sad thing about cultists is that they refuse to wake up even when facts hit them on the head. Another sad thing is that they don’t know and they don’t want to know that they have become cultists until they hit the bottom. Untill then they think they are flying in the air and even pitty others who don't enjoy the free fall as they do.

I have said many times that we owe the present Islamic revivalism to Carter. Carter is also a stupid man, but unlike Obama he is not a narcissist. Carter has a conscience. He does not have a brain. Obama is an ignoramus with no conscience and no brain. He is a lot more dangerous.
Carter conspired to overthrow the shah of Iran because he thought that by not supporting him and by helping the Islamists the new government will be friendly to America. He even denied the shah to enter America for his cancer treatment, lest it would anger the Islamists. Like a fool that he is he thought he can win the friendship of a bully by appeasing him. The mullahs saw this as a sign of America’s weakness and took the staff of the American embassy as hostages.

But the major disaster was the fact that the success of the Islamic revolution in Iran made other Muslims see Islam as a tool to overthrow their own regimes and adopted hostility to America to rally support in the same way Khomeini had done. Thirty years later we are still paying the consequences of Carter’s lack of statemanship. Had he not supported the revolutionaries and ordered the shah to quash the uprising, 9/11 and more than 20,000 terrorist attacks since the success of the Islamic revolution would not have happened.

This whole mess started with Carter. There is nothing more dangerous than having an idiot acting as the president of America. Obama is the biggest idiot that has ever set foot in the White House. The danger that this buffoon poses to the world is incalculable. We may reap the results in a decade from now, when the Iranian regime is gone and when Obama is gone, but the disaster that is set in motion cannot be averted.

This world can be destroyed thanks to human stupidity. There is no stupidity bigger than putting an imbecile narcissist in such a high position of command. What the American voters did last year was the acme of stupidity. We are all going to pay dearly for that stupidity. If Obama is not removed from the office fast and someone with more commonsense does not stop the nuclear plans of the mullahs in Iran we will have the Armageddon in front of us.

We still have time. Obama is an impostor. He is not a natural born American but a fraud. If you believe in God take this as God’s way to save the world despite the stupidity of humans. Get rid of this buffoon and put someone with common sense in the Whitehouse. The clock is ticking and time is running out.


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