I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hell was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:8


Is Great Britain Sleepwalking into an Islamic State?

Indeed so and it is happening fast with facilitation by all Muslim-appeasing mainstream politicians, who are hungry for Muslim votes for staying in power...

In the Previous article, Islamic State of Great Britain: The Inevitable Outcome of Muslim Appeasement, it has been pointed out that Britain's Labour politicians have adopted the disastrous policy of Muslim appeasement to capture their votes for staying in power. Nonetheless, Labour Party suffered defeat in the latest Parliamentary Election in May 2010, ending its long 13-year rule and a coalition government of the Conservatives and Liberals came to power, with Conservative David Cameron as the new Prime Minister.

The reader may also recall that David Sapsted wrote on April 17, 2010 about Muslim votes: “The Muslim votes would be a crucial element when both the Labour and Conservative parties are fighting a close battle to get an overall majority in the 646-seat parliament. Traditionally, the bulk of the Muslim vote has gone to the ruling Labour Party, which has been regarded as more sympathetic towards Muslim immigrants.”

In her article, A Terrorist by any other name…. Still Kills, Susan MacAllen wrote on Gordon Brown-led Labour Government's attitude toward jihadi Islamists:

Those living in Great Britain were relieved when the new British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, responded to the attacks (in London and Glasgow on 30 June 2007) with firm resolve. His people, he seemed to say, would not be moved. They would be vigilant, and alert for the dark forces at work in their society who wished to destroy their way of life. And the people breathed a sigh of relief – this new PM seemed to have the backbone required to face realistically the future struggle with radical Islamist elements that had developed over past decades – and which many believe England to be a target as a direct result of her too-liberal immigration policies.

So it is no surprise that many inside and outside the British government were more than a bit disturbed when a few days later, Prime Minister Brown seemed to take a few steps back from his resolve, when he began to speak of his government needing to make greater effort to “win the hearts and minds of Muslims”, and word leaked through reliable press that he had cautioned his ministers to watch their language: apparently, they were not to use “inflammatory” language when speaking of the two bomb-wired vehicles ready to kill hundreds in a conflagration in London, or the fiery Jeep crashing into the Glasgow airport, loaded with explosives.

Conservative Government, too, adopts Muslim appeasement as a policy

It is needless to say that the Conservative politicians will also make all-out effort to have a good bite of Muslim votes. Recently the new Conservative Government displayed its sympathy with the Palestinian Muslims and denounced Israeli military intervention in the Flotilla affair to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza (see Proof That New British Government is Grovelling to Islamists, by Douglas Murray, a bestselling author and award-winning journalist based in London). The Government issued a statement expressing its grief for those pro-Palestinian Turkish activists, who died in the Israeli military intervention, and said: “The UK Government deeply deplores the loss of (Muslims’) life during the interception of the flotilla. …The UK Government agrees with EU partners and the UN Security Council that there must be a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation or inquiry in to these events.”

“Both the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary made statements in the House of Commons today regarding the Israeli Navy’s interception of the Aid Flotilla to Gaza, and the subsequent deaths of a number of (Muslim) passengers. The UK Government believes that this week’s events underline the need to find a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to the problem of Gaza”, Douglas adds.

We Indians, having been observing and experiencing politics of Muslim appeasement at home for nearly a century, are accustomed to and well-informed of such politicians and their mode of talking and working. If someone in India speaks the truth about Islam, politicians label her/him a loathsome “communal”; if he/she tells lies about Islam and praises it and its followers, politicians call her/him broad-minded secularists. Likewise, in Britain or in the West at large, if some tries to expose the reality of Islam, Muslim-appeasing politicians call her/him a “racist” and a “propagator of hate”, and whatever he/she says is termed “hate speech”. Geert Wilders, the anti-Islamic Dutch politician is an example of this trend. He is called a “hate preacher” because he exposes the truth about Islam's danger, even risking his life. On the other hand, if a politician propagates lies about Islam and call it a 'great religion', a 'religion of peace', he is designated a prophet of tolerance and multiculturalism.

Nick Griffin of Britain

As unabated Islamization of Britain reaches a critical point and radical Islamist threat turn grave, but mainstream political parties, instead of stemming the tide, continue their appeasement of Muslims and fast Islamization of the nation, Nick Griffin, president of the long-dead British National Party (BNP), is trying to fill the vacuum by positioning his party as an anti-Islamization front, like Geert Wilders of the Netherlands.

It should be understood that BNP has a sullied racist past, but it is trying to slough of its racist skin and trying to be inclusive by attracting nonwhites, non-Christians and immigrants (Jews, Hindus, Sikhs etc.) into its fold. And Nick Griffin, the BNP president, has a deep understanding of Islam and understands its impending threat to the secular-liberal Britain (see this three part video-lecture of him). And he is trying to reform his party and reposition it exclusively to fight Islamization of Britain, not against an inclusive and secular-liberal Britain.

But he is not being given any chance and is being labeled with the old brush as a racist, because of his stand against Islamization of Britain. For example, Barry Gardner—a long-serving Labour MP from the Muslim-dominated Brent North constituency (Wembley area, see this video) and hence highly dependent on Muslim votes—told the House of Commons: “Mr Speaker, I would like to bring to the knowledge of the Parliament the single most distasteful thing I have experienced as a member of the Parliament. Two days ago, I received an e-mail from a friend of mine, who urged me to go to a website and watch a Youtube video. That Youtube video was a promotional video by the British Welsh National Party. It was my constituency that it was filmed. It started with an image of Wembley football stadium and camera was then driven through Wembley High Street, focusing the people of Indian descent and African descent. Focusing on the people whose dress indicates that they are Muslims, focusing on the people whose dress indicate that they are Hindus.”

MP Gardner continued, “It then stopped outside of the mosque on the Ealing Road and showed the sign of the Muslim Welfare Centre and stands there and all the time the presenter, who was an individual from British National Party, was saying, “Look at that, that’s not for Britain should be, that’s not for Britain is like, that is not Britain should have been allowed to become.”

He continued, “I can’t this single most revolting thing and the most disturbing thing in my constituency as an MP. And I throw challenge to the BNP, come, come back to me, come back to Brent North. Dare, dare to stand against me in the next general election, dare to put what you have said in the film to the whole of the British public. Dare to put it before the people of Brent North. Because you claimed, you claimed that those individuals that your camera focused on were not British. But I refute that. But I say that those people are British. They are proud to be British. They are proud to be a part of this society. And I am proud to represent the most multicultural borough in this country and indeed in Europe. We have more than hundred and sixty different first languages spoken in our borough and hundred and thirty different first languages spoken in our schools. We are proud of that and we are proud of the fact that by the time our children reach to go to secondary schools, that they are achieving above the national average at the key stage two. Every single one of these schools in Britain. These children are our future.”

Gardner went on saying, “I invite the British National Party to come, to come to Brent North, stand up in the next election. Because, of course they believe that these people do not even entitled right to vote. But they are. They are here. They are British citizens. And it is absolutely essential that we will be voting in a few days time, there is no any politics there. And in the core what we are doing in this place, equality is a must or form the essential heart of the British public life and the British. I was speaking to the women of my constituency who is second generation and the family came from east Africa in 1970s, family originally was from India. And she was telling me the discussions they had in her family over the dinner table of the appearance in question time of the representative from the British National Party and she told me how she and her husband have been trying to explain to their children that it was important that there should be free speech. He then explains the importance of freedom of speech in a democracy and says that in a democracy, every difference and dispute should be solved through debate and discussions.”

Finally, Gardner said: “The British National Party, I believe, has no basis in this society. They have defiled my constituency in coming into the way they did. And I issue once again the challenge to come (and face me in the coming election), put up or shut up. Don’t dare, don’t dare to speak about my constituency in the way they did in the future. Mr. speaker, etc. etc.”

In above deliberation, Gardner has not only tried to sully NBP with racist color (see in this video how Muslim-appeasing Labour attacks BNP politicians for telling the truth about Islam), but also exposed his colossal ignorance of Islam. He said that all the Muslim settlers at Wembley are British citizens and proud to be British. But he does not know that Islam is not a religion like Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc., but a political creed that aims to abolish all other cultures and replace them by the Islamic or Arabian pastoral culture. Islam’s goal is to end all other religions and establish Islam as the sole and supreme religion across the world.

Secondly, the concepts like nation, nationality etc., are absent in Islam. Hence a Muslim can never be a British, an American and so on. Muslims are proud to be Muslims alone. A true Muslim, settled in Britain, can never be loyal to the host country of Britain. They are loyal firstly to Allah, then to Allah’s messenger Muhammad and Allah’s revealed book Koran, then they are loyal to holy places Mecca and Medina and finally they are loyal to the Islamic Umma or international Muslim brotherhood. Here, I should repeat what I have said in an earlier article:

It should be mentioned here that a rise in population of the religious groups like Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs does not pose a threat to the host country. But a rise in Muslim population poses a serious threat to the culture and social fabric of the host Christian country. This is because Islam is a totalitarian political creed in the guise of a religion and it aims to destroy all other religions and establish Islam as the supreme religion over the entire world (see Koran 8:39, 2:193).

Islamic Psyche of Muslim Immigrants

Muslim immigrants, who come to Western countries to earn a good livelihood, also come with the desire in the core of their hearts to conquer that country for Islam and to rule it, and thus, to replace the present Judeo-Christian culture of the host country by Arabian religio-political and cultural order. In other words, they aim to turn that country into a colony of Arab religious imperialism.

It would be relevant here to say a few other words about Islam. Islam divides all the countries in the world into two categories, namely, dar-ul-Islam and dar-ul-harb. Dar-ul-Islam means those countries which have already come under the domination of Islam. At present, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lybia etc. are the examples of dar-ul-Islam. In these countries, Islamic governments or rule of Islam has been firmly established and the non-Muslim kafirs have either massacred, or converted to Islam or have been reduced into second grade citizens.

The literal meaning of dar-ul-harb is the land of warfare and bloodshed. It refers to those countries which have not yet been conquered by Islam and where Muslims are fighting with kafirs to bring them under their control. That is the reason why these countries are called land of violence and bloodshed. The ultimate aim of Islam is to turn the entire world into a dar-ul-Islam, or to bring the entire world under the banner of Islam. So, it becomes evident that this goal would be reached only when each and every dar-ul-harb on the earth would be converted into a dar-ul-Islam. Hence the Koran says, Go on fighting against them (infidels) till the rule of Allah is not established (Koran 8.39).

When a Muslim immigrant sets his foot on the soil of foreign host country, his Islamic psyche tells, “I am entering a dar-ul-harb or a land of the enemies of Islam and my aim is to conquer this land for Islam or turn it into a dar-ul-Islam.” So the Muslim immigrants, who have settled at Wembley, will enjoy all the benefits provided by the British Government, but they would never be grateful to Britain for providing a better livelihood, or feel proud to declare themselves British citizens. On the contrary, they would prepare themselves for a jihad against the UK. Who conducted the serial bombings in London on 7 July 2005? It was the immigrant Muslims settlers. Who conducted the attack in the Glasgow airport on 30 June 2007? It was the immigrant Muslim settlers. They are determined to continue such jihadi attacks until Britain turns into an Islamic State.

In addition, democracy, which counts every head as equal in deciding a countries political destiny, provides a great opportunity to Muslims. They can now occupy a country simply by breeding at high rates. It has been pointed out earlier that Muslim population is growing ten times faster than all other groups in the U.K. This policy is called “Reproductive Jihad”. The fertility rate amongst Muslims immigrants of the EU countries is 8.1 children per family; for indigenous people, it is only 1.38 per family. If this trend continues, the entire Europe will be Islamized within next 50 years.

So years ago the Libyan President Muammar al-Gaddafi correctly said: “There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists, we don’t need homicide bombs. The 50+ million Muslims in Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

“Present 52+ million Muslims in Europe will grow into 104 million within next 20 years”, says a study by the German Government. It also says that a similar fate is awaiting USA and Canada.

Finally, Gardner has expressed his satisfaction that the Great Britain has emerged as a Mecca of multiculturalism and he is proud to see that 160 different first languages are spoken in the UK and 130 different first languages are being taught in British schools. It makes him proud to see the children of so many diverse language, so many diverse religions and cultures are living peacefully and growing up in Britain. After attaining age, they will be proud citizens of Britain. And these children are the future of Britain. But it seems that he has failed miserably to foresee that the Muslim children amongst those, whom he considers the future of his country, are firmly intent on enslaving him and his countrymen, and turn his motherland into a colony of Arab imperialism.

An Analysis of the Present Situation by BBC

A video, entitled London: Ethnic cleansing and brainwashing of children”, produced by the BBC London, tells the truth. It says that the ethnic diversity of London is changing very fast. To begin with the discussion, the lady presenter says, “BBC news is looking at the changing face of London and that is for the capital. The figures so far collected suggest that the ethnic diversity of the city will change dramatically.” Then a young man appears with a display board and says, “The makeup of the capital has changed a lot in last 20 years. In 1991, the ethnic minorities was made up 20% of the Londoners and 80% were whites. In 2007, the most recent figure available showed that the number of ethnic minorities was 31%, while 69% were whites. And if this trend continues, after 20 years, in 2031, ethnic minorities will be 40% and 60% whites.”

Then the camera moves into a classroom of a primary school and it shows that there is only a single white boy and a white girl in the classroom and all other students are either of black or brown ethnic minorities of foreign origin, some from Nigeria, some from Ghana and so on. The commentator then resumes his narration and says that after 20 years, when these children will be grown up, more than 75% of the population will be ethnic minorities while only 25% will be whites. Indirectly, this means that by 2031, 75% of voters in London will be of ethnic minorities with only 25% white Christians.

Then the video proceeds to interview Ellen Doran, Chair of Governors, Tollgate School. She says that she is in teaching profession for the past 20 years and is now noticing much diversity among the people. But she assures that although of diverse communities, "they are integrated. That’s a good thing". But Doran does not know or willfully ignores that the Muslim immigrants would never be integrated. They will maintain their distinct Muslim identity through their religious rites, through their dress-code, through their food habits and so on. Muslims, due to their supremacist mentality, will hate to integrate themselves with the indigenous white Christian. Instead, they will keep their hatred alive against the indigenous Christian infidels. This hatred towards non-Muslim kafirs is the backbone of Islam and it is next to impossible for them to abandon it and integrate within mainstream Christians.

Then a woman passerby has been interviewed. She says that the demographic scenario of London has been totally changed from what it was 20 years ago. While asked whether this change is for the better or for the worse, she immediately replies: 'for the worst'.

With the fertility rate of 8.1 children per family amongst Muslims, simple calculation would lead one to conclude that Muslims will be the leading ethnic community in Britain and outnumber the indigenous white Christians by a large margin within a few decades. And according to the present democratic political institution of head-count, they will very soon grab the political power in Britain and turn it into an Islamic state.

Anti-Islamization politics or activism condemned

But pointing out this grim sociopolitical development in Britain is considered a sin by the Muslim-appeasing politicians. As mentioned above, Nick Griffin and his BNP is victim of the same sin for simply pointing to the increasing Islamization of Britain and the impending danger it poses to the secular-liberal fabric of the British society. BNP presently has shown no hostility to other racial or religious group, but a highlighting the real threat of Muslim immigration and advocating stoppage of immigration from Muslim countries. But they are attacked by mainstream politicians, who long for Muslim votes, as racist, KKK terrorists etc.

Likewise in the Netherlands, the leftist Labour Party, Partij van de Arbeid or PvdA, currently led by Job Cohen, is playing the same role as of the Labour in Britain in Muslim appeasement. PvdA plays the leading role in opposing and criticizing Geert Wilders, the well-known anti-Islamization Dutch leader and producer of the 17-minute film FITNA. PvdA filed a case against Wilders and took him to the court for telling the truth about Islam; this amounts to persecution of Wilders for exercising his right to free expression, in defense of freedom and Dutch way of life—a right, guaranteed in the constitution.

In a video, titled Dramatic breakthrough for common sense in the Netherlands, Wilders says in criticism of the Labour's Islam-appeasing policies: “New planes arrive everyday full of new fortune seekers. The Netherlands has completely lost control of her own borders. The European Union decides for us who we can allow in. And our government thinks that is fabulous. The problems of mass immigration have still not been solved yet, but the sluice gates are wide open. Every day, we are confronted with mass immigration. Headscarves, burkas, minarets, social welfare dependency, crime, it just does not stop. Entire suburbs are being Islamized. 40% of all social welfare is paid out to non-Western foreigners. Moroccans in the Netherlands are five times more likely to be suspected in crime than the Dutch people. More than 60% of Turks (in the Netherlands) think that Dutch women have too many rights and freedoms. Half of all the Muslim in the Netherlands supports the terrorist attacks of 11 September, 2001. The Labour Party (of the Netherlands) now has Job Cohen as its leader. He is 100% pro-Islam. Here he supports the founding of a radical mosque. Cohen supports an Islamic culture in the Netherlands.”

Undoubtedly the Britons are confronting similar problems with mass Muslim immigration and the U.K. Labour Party is deceiving them as the Dutch Labour Party is doing in the Netherlands.

Queen Elizabeth Approves Policy of Muslim Appeasement

It may be mentioned here that Queen Elizabeth is also a supporter of the policy of Muslim appeasement like the mainstream parties: Labours, Conservatives and the Liberals. A video, Queen Elizabeth against the BNP, says: “The Queen has declared war on Nick Griffin’s BNP for trying to hijack the war-time legacy of Winston Churchill.”

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill, the singular leader who stood with unfailing resolve against the Nazi tyranny, had said about the politics of appeasement of Hitler by many leaders at home and abroad that “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”. He had understood Nazism as much as he did understood Islam. Commenting on Islam, he wrote: "No greater retrograde force (than Islam) exists in the world.” So those, who are now following the policy of Muslim appeasement, disregarding and sacrificing the national interest, have to decry and trample the shining wisdom of a patriot and defender of freedom like Sir Churchill.


While all mainstream politicians are resolved to Muslim appeasement, facilitating fast Islamization of Britain, the British citizenry must wake up from slumber instead of sleepwalking into the Islamic state of Great Britain. Islamization means slavery, slavery of the Arab Islamic imperialism. They must come forward and follow their great leader Sir Winston Churchill. They should resist the policy of mass Muslim immigration and discard the policy of Muslim appeasement adopted by their treacherous leaders. They should support leaders, who oppose Islamization of the country in order to maintain her secular, liberal and democratic order.


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