I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hell was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:8


Top Modern Islamic Lies

Islam was born with lies to its followers and infidels. Now as Islam comes under increasing scrutiny, especially facililated by modern technologies, Islamists invent new lies to circumvent those criticisms of Islam. A list of those modern Islamist lies are enumerated in this essay.

Many Muslims often take pride in Islam that it teaches them to speak the truth. However Islamists have been always lying and misinterpreting issues to brainwash Muslims and to fool the western kaffirs (non-Muslims). Because of faith in Islam, Muslims do not ever challenge what Islamists preach. General Muslims discuss the lies among themselves and believe the lies are true. The world has significantly changed after kaffir Bill Gates introduced the Windows operating system for computers. After that the Internet plays an integral part in everybody’s life. The Jewish kaffir established (worst enemy of Islam) Facebook has become the most popular webpage in the word.

The method of lying by Islamists also changed with respect to the computer age. Many Islamists are tech savvies who run websites, send Islamic emails to Muslims, and create Islamic pages on Facebook. The most interesting part is that these Islamists and some fanatic Muslims spread hate for kaffirs, especially for Jews, on the Internet and right on Jewish Facebook. How funny this can be? This is beyond ridiculous!

Lies have been always part of Islamic discussions and preaching. The techniques of lies have been upgraded due to Muslim migration to the west and the modern age of the internet. General Muslims and kaffirs have been always fed with traditional lies since the birth of Islam. The following are the most common modern lies with which most Muslims and many kaffirs are already familiar.

  1. Modern Science Comes from the Quran: Scientists (obviously mostly pure kaffirs) spend their lives researching stuff and finally come up to a new invention. Islamists claim that the formula of modern science is originally told in Quran. But where in the Quran can the formula be seen? If Quran is a book of science, then why aren’t the madrassa (Islamic school) students becoming scientists or inventors for any good useful stuff? Don’t they study and know Quran a lot more than regular Muslims and kaffirs do? But instead of being scientists, why do many madrassa students become terrorists and extremists?
  2. Quran Is the Best Book ever written: Really? In what sense? How many Muslims do read the Quran and understand the meaning of all its verses? Even many Arabic Muslims just read it for their faith, but do not analyse the actual meaning of the Quranic verses. Quran is claimed to be the exact words of God and humans are incapable of writing such a book, but over 90% of human beings have not read it (properly- Muslims) and do not even know about it.

    What part of Quran is better than other books? How can human beings be benefited from this book when not from other books? In reality Quran has no chronology, has mathematical and scientific errors, asks Muslims to hate kaffirs, to kill kaffirs, to beat wives, to kill someone who comments on Islam critically, to kill Muslims if they leave Islam, to cut hands of thieves, and so on. Sunnis and Shias are killing each other every week, despite having faith in the same book, the Quran. Yes, the Quran is, indeed, a great book on earth!
  3. 9/11 Was Masterminded by Bush and Jews: Most Muslims living in North America still believe Muslims could never be involved in 9/11. They often discuss this issue among themselves. Assuming this Muslim claim is right that Jews and Bush planned the 9/11 attacks. Then why were the pure Muslims (Arabian Muslims) so happy with the attacks that killed over 3,000 people in a few hours? Why was the Palestinian woman dancing and praising the attackers? What did their happiness have to do with the Jewish and Bush conspiracy? Don’t all those pure and semi pure Arabic Muslims hate Jews and America? If 9/11 was a plan by Jews and Bush, then why would they and other Muslims be so happy?
  4. Saudi Arabia Iran and Former Talibani Afghanistan Are Not Real Muslim Countries: Who are then real Muslim countries that at least try to practise Islam to the full? The main reasons to make this bogus claim are these countries chop hands, behead, stone to death, and flog the accusers. Such practices are considered inhuman and moderate Muslims are ashamed of these Islamic practices. Maybe these so called Muslims should go to Saudi Arabia to teach and show Saudis that this country is not following Allah’s book and Sunnah. The rest follows the next lie.
  5. Western Countries Steal the Value of Islam: Modern Islamists say, “nowhere in the Islamic countries Islam is fully practised as per Allah and Muhammad. This is why Islamic countries are so miserable.” At the same time, the same Islamists quickly brainwash Muslims and kaffirs stating that western countries follow more values of Islam, which gives more freedom and equal rights. Is this really true? The value of western countries is based on Christianity, Judaism and humanism. This is why people from all over the world choose the west (particularly USA and Canada) to live freely and equally as one.

    Islamists quickly discovers that western kaffirs stole Islamic ideas to build the value of the west. Western kaffirs do not know a single word of Islam but stole the value of Islam. How funny is this? What about the Muslims in Saudi and other Islamic countries? Don’t they understand Islam and its value to build their own countries like the west to let all human beings live as one?
  6. Westerns Are Rapidly Converting to Islam: If western kaffirs are heavily converting to Islam every day, would not the western countries become Islamic states soon? Any sign yet? Where are those new converted western Muslims? They can never be seen in mosques or any Islamic programs. Most of the converted Muslims are black and some white trash people, who have no value in society. They declare bankruptcy and mainly live on government money. How many police officers, government officials, night club DJs, celebrities or professors converted to Islam? And where are they?
  7. Islam Treats Women Equally and Gives Even More Rights: What kind of stupid claim can this be? Women in Islamic countries are more depressed and have very limited rights than any other places on earth. They cannot drive, walk alone, work freely, divorce (unless the husband is mad) and do many more. This situation can be fairly noticed where Islam is practiced to the full in countries like Saudi Arabia. If Islam gives full rights to women, then why women only in Islamic countries have less rights?
  8. Jews Control Media and Play a Role in US/Canadian and World Politics: The moderate Islamists and Muslims say Jews lie and exaggerate Muslim terrorist attacks and never report crimes by Jews. Do these Muslims want to blame the Jews for the crimes Muslims commit? Today’s 99.9% terrorist attacks are solely performed by Muslims. Can anyone deny that? In reality Jews are involved in very less crimes in comparison to Muslims, Hindus, or any other kaffirs. Can anyone show a mega list of Jews who rape women, kill people and deal drugs on a regular basis like people from other religions and ethnicities?

    When there is an attack in Israel and Palestine, the same news can be found on BBC, CNN, the Islamic Al Jajira and other media. If Jews play an integral part in US/Canadian politics, what’s so bad about it? Muslims are welcome to play a part but they do not do, as the western politics is made by kaffirs, the enemy of Islam.

    Assuming all major government sectors are solely controlled by Jews (according to Muslims). Aren’t Muslims in these Jewish USA and Canada living much better than they would live in miserable Islamic countries? Aren’t these Jews giving equal rights and benefits to the Muslims? Can Muslims get such equal rights and benefits in any Islamic countries? Aren’t these Jews helping poor countries constantly and run to them with food after any natural disasters? Does any Islamic country do this? Who are then better, Jews or Muslims?
  9. Fasting Gives Human a Meal Balance: A specialist doctor one day was saying on TV in Bangladesh in an Islamic show how important fasting is to human life. He said “Fasting is just the change of our daily food routine, which helps rebuild our body. Human needs such a change once in a year, and this is how Allah creates us”. The main point talking about fasting is to state how Islam is good that asks human for fasting. In many Muslim countries, iftar occurs at about 6 pm. During fasting Muslims skip breakfast and lunch. Iftar works as early dinner. Many people eat Sheree (pre-dawn meal) right before fajr prayer at about 4 am.

    Maybe such a temporary change in human bodies is good and the doctor’s claim is true. But is this true for only people living Islamic countries? What will happen to the people in northern and southern parts of the world where sometimes sunlight is longer? Can these people live without food for 22 or more hours a day for fasting? Is it healthy? What does Islam say about this? If fasting is good for us, it has to be universal, and detail explanation should have been written in Quran and/or Hadiths. Where is that explanation?
  10. Islam Gives the Best Code of Life: If this is true, then what best code of life can we see among Muslims and Islamic countries? Why do kaffirs (primarily East Asian and western) live longer and healthier than average Muslims? The rest follows the next lie.
  11. Islam is a Religion of Peace: The most favourite dialogue by moderate Muslims and Islam charlatans like Zakir Naik. If Islam brings peace, then why so many terrorists are Muslims, why Muslims are killing each other? Why are Muslims (by Quran and Hadith) always aggressive? Why honour killing is practised a lot among Muslims?

    One important question: every few days, dozens of people in Pakistan (mainly), Iraq, and Afghanistan are dying in suicide bomb attacks, which are perpetrated by the same Muslims (mainly Sunnis). If all Pakistani Muslims happened to be or convert to Christianity, Hinduism or become infidels (pure kaffirs) overnight, would there be any suicide bombings next day or would Pakistan lose its innocent people anymore?
  12. Mullahs Do Not Follow the Real Path of Islam: Moderate Muslims hate Mullahs and they are able to brainwash the western ignorant kaffirs that Mullahs are not well educated and do not fully understand Islam. Is this true? Do these so called moderate Muslims ever read Quran and Hadith? When a Muslim spends all his life studying Islam (Quran, Hadith and Sira), should not he know Islam better than those Muslims who have never understood the meaning of a single world in Quran and Hadith?

As a matter of fact, the above modern lies can be heard from many Muslims and Islamists. Muslims will never know the truth unless someone challenges the above lies. Islamists will keep telling lies to Muslims and kaffirs. But it will stop one day when Muslims are aware of the lies and given opportunities to comment on those lies. Islamists do not like Youtube and Facebook on which anyone can post comments whatever he wants. Islamists want no comments against Islam and their lies. When Muslims are allowed to freely practise Islam in the west and preach it on the Internet, they have to be ready to freely hear comments on Islam and their claims at the same time.


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